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The Events of 1893From the Jersey County Democrat, January 4, 1894. Re-typed by Carol Rhodes Van Valkenburgh. Contributed by Marty Crull.


January 1: Melvin C. Kennedy and Gertrude Nally, married.

January 2: Newt Ballard’s house catches fire. Roof burned some.

January 3: Harry Wilson and John Monroe, while cutting ice at Grafton, were blown into the hole and rescued with difficulty.

January 4: Nick Wallace fell down Famous stairs, badly hurt; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Pat Fahey.

January 5: Shcools [schools] near Rockbridge and Pan Handle, closed on account of scarlet fever; Mrs. Rachel Gorrel, died.

January 6: John W. Davis died at Eureka Springs, Ark.; Mrs. B. F. Slaten died at Elsah.

January 7: Mrs. Koontz takes poison with suicidal intent, but recovers; Little son of Geo. S. Smith died at Fidelity; Joe Sewell’s child died at Grafton.

January 8: Mr. and Mrs. J. L. King, celebrate their 20th wedding day at Fidelity; Mr. Nathaniel Miner died.

January 9: Alex Cenard died.

January 10: Nicholas Wallace died.

January 11: Martha McKinstry died; Frank Wade and Miss Nellie Henson married.

January 12: Edward Burns and Miss Maria Delmar married; Minnie Sloman and John C. Gano married.

January 13: Ed Carroll attempted suicide.

January 14: Child of Mr. and Mrs. Amos died.

January 15: Mrs. Bertha Hood died.

January 17: Mrs. Anna F. Hansell died; Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Roach died; Richard A. Quitt and Miss Pauline Gesy married.

January 18: Mrs. Peter Cummings died.

January 19: Little child of Mr. and Mrs. Hal Selby died; Mrs. Peter Nicol died.

January 20: Mrs. Mary Bowman died at Medora.

January 21: Miss Hattie Crain died at Pasadena, Cal.; Mrs. Barnard died; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Cosmos Keller.

January 22: Funeral of Sherman Stone at Paradise, who was killed at a R. R. crossing at Morrisonville the week before; John Dower was fatally hurt at the same time.

January 24: Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Glassbrenner.

January 25: Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cadwallader.

January 26: Herman Sick fell at the Quarry in Grafton and was killed.

January 27: J. C. Frost died at Fidelity; Remains of Bertie Crain interred at Lebannon; Geo. Wilson and Miss Laura Mains married; Albert C. Nickel and Miss Melvina Hardin married.

January 28: Chas. Ochler and Miss Mary Grable married.

January 29: Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Davis at Kane.

January 30: Clinton Enos left for Philadelphia.

January 31: Miss Velma Eastman died at Grafton.


February 1: Wooben wedding of Rev. J. J. Porter; Miss Dora Greathouse married; John Utt fell and dislocated his hip.

February 2: Girl born to Rev. Jho. Pierce; Levi Cory met with painful accident; Plans of Henry Elliott, Jacksonville, for courthouse adopted.

February 3: Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Ford; John Mains fatally hurt while moving house at Rockbridge.

February 4: Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rippley; Girl born to Frank Miller.

February 5: Mrs. Johnson died at Grafton; Girl born to Jesse Lawlers; Mrs. Christopher fell and broke her arm; Benj. Wedding fell and severely injured; Ed Welch died in St. Louis; 25th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Marston: Chas. Burch fell and badly hurt.

February 6: Girl born to Mr. and Mr. Frank Barns; Jesse Hansell fell and broke arm and shoulder.

February 7: Oscar Dunham fell and broke his leg; Jno. J. Smith and Miss Mary A. Dolan married.

February 8: Richardson Ryan died; Thos. Miniter and Miss Nellie Felzenger married.

February 9: Dr. Geo. Miles died at Beatrice, Neb.

February 10: Samuel Ellis fell and broke his thigh.

February 11: Remains of Dr. Miles interred; Fred Booker died; Fieldon mill caught fire.

February 12: Ben Akard fell and severely hurt; Wm. Nevins slight paralytic stroke; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Al Hughes.

February 13: Henry Ryan died.

February 14: Richard Nutt died.

February 17: Son born to Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Oscar.

February 18: Mrs. Peter Cummings died; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Borger; Son born to Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Breitweiser.

February 21: Fannie Calhoun died; August Debue and Miss Emma Strab married.

February 22: Henry F. Bayer celebrated his 30th marriage anniversary.

February 23: Wm. J. Schwab and Miss Mary Gerder married.

February 25: Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Jake Snow.

February 26: Ephraim Chappell died.

February 28: 14 pound boy born to Mr. and Mrs. John Kramer; Wm. H. Heidman and Miss Anna A. Brummer married; J. H. Kelsey and Miss Jennie C. Edwards married.


March 1: J. C. Lurton died; Michael Eischen died; Will Hanley buys Jim Perrings’ interest in butcher shop; J. W. Bowsman and Elizabeth Page married; W. W. Gaffney and Martha L. Smith married; Ed Darr and Melissa Hunter married.

March 3: Wm. Roke arrested for stealing horses and taken to Alton for trial.

March 4: Grafton creamer started.

March 5: Maggie Casey died; Mrs. Frederick Schule died; Chas. Segraves and Addie Croxford thrown out of buggy at Elsah, and dangerously hurt; Frederick Stamme and Adna F. Schaller married.

March 6: E. A. Dodge fell and sprained his back badly.

March 10: David T. Bonnefi died; Chas. Catt died; Mrs. M. A. White died.

March 14: Michael Durney died.

March 15: Mrs. Nora Brown died.

March 16: Rudolph Barringer and Julia Richey married.

March 17: J. A. Cory severely injured.

March 18: A. M. Preble died.

March 19: Mrs. Michael Cronin died.

March 20: J. L. Snow died; L. A. Corzine died.

March 22: H. O. Goodrich died; Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Wheeler; H. A. Preble died.

March 25: Daniel Noble died.

March 26: Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Jean Rupert.

March 27: Contract for new courthouse let to F. W. Menke of Quincy, for $39,954.

March 28: James Long died.

March 29: Mrs. H. I. Ely died.

March 30: William B. Nevius died.

March 31: John Mott died.


April 2: Mrs. Jean Rupert died.

April 4: Lost Prince entertainment; Son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Dillion died; Mrs. And Mrs. B. C. Clayton celebrate their golden wedding.

April 5: John Rutherford and Mrs. Kate Green married; Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Berry.

April 6: O. F. Gobble and Virginia L. Ferris married; D. W. Rockwell and Fannie Shumway married.

April 7: Daughter born to Mr. And Mrs. Lem Miller.

April 8: Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Pittman.

April 11: Harry Voorhees and Miss Nettie Walton married.

April 12: A. A. Hoag and Mis Katie Komarck married; B. Derwin and Miss Tena Dempsey married.

April 18: Wm. Wallenweber died.

April 20: Thos. Durney died; M. S. Terry died.

April 22: G. W. Burk died


May 1st – David Ames celebrated his 101st birthday; Mrs. Rister died.

May 2nd – House of David Rintoul burned; E. R. Welch and Grace Vandenburg married.

May 3rd – James McHale and Julia Flemming married.

May 5th – Charles Cray and Anna Blotney married.

May 6th – Clara Thatcher died.

May 11th – Mrs. Mary Hauky died.

May 13th – Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Barber Nail; G. H. Ford and Christina Graves married.

May 14th – Baccalaureate sermon by Rev. Joseph Earp at M. E. church.

May 15th – Mrs. Nellie Allen Parsell graduated at the St. Louis conservatory of music, taking the gold medal.

May 16th – Commencement exercises of the High School.

May 17th – Banquet of H. S. Alumni association.

May 18th – Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Landon.

May 19th – Mrs. Caty Ann Cockrell died; Son of E. M. Shaw fractured his elbow.

May 21st – Mrs. Kennie died.

May 25th – Son of Benj. Scroggins died.

May 26th – Child of Jean Rupert died.

May 27th – Wm. A. Holmes and Carrie E. Pointer married.

May 28th – A. C. Robinson died

May 29th – J. E. Jacobson and Addied B. Barnal married.

May 30th – Twins born to Mr. and Mrs. Alex Welsh; Soldiers’ monument unveiled; Samuel Marshal died.

May 31st – John Down and Lillie B. Leigh married; Mrs. Elizabeth Stephany died.


June 1st – F. C. Jaynes and Mary B. Elliott married; Mrs. M. A. Armstrong died.

June 7th – Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Rice.

June 8th – L. M. Butting, Sr., died.

June 9th – Second performance of “Queen Ester.”

June 10th – W. H. Heiwig died.

June 12th – Wm. H. Hanley and Miss Tracy Roerig married; Mrs. Simmons died.

June 13th – John Fahey injured in a wreck; Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Schmids; Catherine Drumhead died.

June 14th – Child of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Brown died; James Boyle and Miss May Keily married; E. E. McNair and Miss Louise Seagraves married.

June 16th – Thos. McNair and Miss Nola Milford married; Edwin Booth died.

June 18th – Frank Fessler severely kicked in face by a colt; Bart Wedding’s house burglarized.

June 21st – C. S. Dilks and Eliza A. Bradshaw married; Mrs. Helen Villinger died.

June 22nd – Euphrasia Mourning died; B. F. Skime and Miss Addie Barnett married.

June 23rd – Child of H. E. Wade died.

June 27th – E. Siver and Mrs. S. J. Kelly married; F. B. Stringer and Miss Addie Barnett married.


July 2nd – Mrs. Thos. Bush died; Chas. Clark and Elizabeth Bright married.

July 4th – Laying of the corner stone of the new courthouse.

July 5th – Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Brockman celebrated their tenth anniversary.

July 6th – Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Faulkner.

July 8th – Lehiheus Miller died.

July 9th – Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rowray.

July 10th – Fisher Johnnessee and Minnie Davis married.

July 11th – First annual meeting of the Jerseyville Driving Club; girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Moore.

July 12th – J. S. Maloney and Cora Crist married.

July 13th – Robt. Rhoads and Clara Cave married.

July 17th – Rollin Collenburger and Eliza E. Woolsey married; boy born to Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Keeley.

July 18th – Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. John Tonkinson.

July 19th – Modern Woodmen’s picnic

July 20th – African camp meeting opened; Robert Shortal and Annie West married; Wm. Hermon and Nettie Armstrong married.

July 25th – Mrs. Lavina Hardcastle died.

July 26th – Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Colean died.

July 27th – Shakespeare entertainment given by the Misses Fulkerson; Piasa Bluffs Assembly opens.

July 28th – Margery McDow died.


August 1st – Samuel Tribble died at his residence in Piasa.

August 2nd – Nathaniel Hamilton died.

August 5th – Son of Mrs. H. I. Ely died; Antoine Hanchhouse killed in a runaway; J. H. Kirby and Melvin T. Lamb drowned.

August 6th – Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wedding; Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Ward.

August 7th – Edwin Colean died; T.P. Valier and matilda Hotterfield married; Hanley’s slaughter house caught fire.

August 9th – Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lamg; Chas. Clairage and Dora C. Duncan married.

August 10th – Mrs. Frances Milton died.

August 11th – Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Leresche.

August 12th – David Rintoul injured in a runaway.

August 13th – Mayor Walbridge, of St. Louis, made our city a visit.

August 15th – Henry Willemet and Emma A. Boner married; Kirk Minard severely kicked by a horse.

August 16th – Mrs. Susan Derdinger died; Robert B. Mayfield and Marie Page Allen married.

August 19th – C. F. Bull assigned; H. S. Daniels robbed.

August 20th – Lurton’s livery stable caught fire.

August 21st – John Shearin died.

August 22nd – M. E. Bagley assigned.

August 24th – Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Krotzsch; Harris and Collenberger shooting match at Sportsman’s Park. Harris won by nine birds.

August 25th – Chas. Rich severely cut by a mower.

August 26th – Mrs. Abbie Chappell died; Hiram Baxter died.

August 27th – Henry Harmon thrown from cart and received serious injuries; Mrs. Augusta Groppell died.

August 28th – Mrs. Frances J. Chappel died.

August 29th – Boy born to Mrs. And Mrs. Edward Piggott.


September 3rd – Mrs. Elijah Bell died.

September 4th – Carrollton Baptist association met at Kane.

September 6th – Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Roady.

September 9th – Jerome Campbell injured; Elmer Lewis died.

September 10th – J. G. F. Powell died; Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Olney celebrate their 25th anniversary.

September 12th – Martin Casey died.

September 14th – George Wharton died.

September 15th – David Day died.

September 17th – Mrs. Calvin Seago died.

September 18th – Fire in Bonnell’s row.

September 21st – Threshing outfit of James Nugent burned.

September 23rd – House of Mrs. Zohn burned.

September 24th – Joseph Johnson and Nellie Benson married.

September 25th – Circuit court opened.

September 26th – Henry J. Klunk and Nellie Reedy married; Mrs. Geo. Goodman died.

September 27th – Sherman McCollister and Fannie Frost married; Valentine Kadel died.

September 29th – A. D. Lock died.


October 2nd – Son of Grant Tucker burned to death.

October 3rd – John Maley and Katie Fitzgerald married.

October 8th – Frank Corzine’s barn burned.

October 10th – Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jacobs; John Rohacek, Sr., died; Angie Boyle died.

October 15th – Paul Nitschke fell from a tree and received some serious injuries.

October 16th – Baptist Ministerial association convened in this city.

October 17th – John McGuire and Ella McMahon married; George Parker died.

October 18th – Joseph Robards and Ethel Blish married.

October 19th – C. E. Brooks and Clara E. Boehmer married.

October 26th – J. Kelley and Miss Worthy married; Mott Brown and Mabel Finch married; Mrs. Martha A. Trabue died; Paul Glohr severely injured by C. & A. R. R.; Mrs. Eva Flanders died; E. C. Erwin and Bertha Hansell married.

October 28th – John Steed and Effie Cadwalader married; son of Wm. Thomas died; girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Link Ford.

October 31st – Peter Nichols and Elizabeth Thompson married; Wesley Updike died.


November 1st – Wm. Schmidt died; Walter Adams and Mattie Randolph married.

November 2nd – Lawrence Hagan and Katie Powers married.

November 3rd – Shultz Rhoads house destroyed by fire.

November 4th – Zeddock Reddish died.

November 6th – Mrs. Wm. Reeder died.

November 7th – Chas. Wharton died.

November 10th – Mrs. John Simpson died.

November 13th – Alexander Blay died; Will Todd broke his leg.

November 15th – Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Scribner celebrated their silver wedding.

November 16th – Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Reed died.

November 19th – King’s Daughters bazaar.

November 21st – Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Bull; Men’s Rights supper; Edward Schallenberger killed.

November 22nd – Mrs. Walk died.

November 23rd – Lawrence C. lamb and Eva Lurton married.

November 24th – Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lowe; Mrs. Harry Derby injured in a runaway; Minnie A. Birkenmayer died; Mrs. Shortal died.

November 26th – Danny Realdon died.

November 27th – David H. Amos died.

November 29th – E. J. Vaughn and Sarah J. McNabb married.

November 30th – Frank W. Booker died.


December 2nd – Mrs. Mary Jones died.

December 3rd – Chas. Ruetter died.

December 4th – C. B. White died.

December 5th – Bert Parson’s thumb shot off.

December 6th – James Pigue died; Miles F. Kehoe and Amy Nutt married; Patrick Keys died of heart disease.

December 9th – Mrs. Chas. Reutter died.

December 12th – Ray H. Hudgens and Rowena McAdams married.

December 13th – Henry Wurth died.

December 14th – Jessie Powers died.

December 15th – Mrs. Wagner died; son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jacobs died; John Cuddahee severely injured; J. C. Cummings died.

December 16th – Mrs. John Coleman died.

December 19th – Mrs. Eliza Hartwick died.

December 20th – Samuel Felty died; Ed Forc* and Maggie E. McDermott married.

December 30th – Scott Holmes died.

* possibly Fore

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