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Jersey County Democrat – 1888The lengthy “year in review” the Democrat published in early 1889.

January 5, 1888

The Alton Democrat is inclined to make fun of the fun of the veterans of the 144th Ill. The fact is, they faced more rebels than any other troops. The rebs were in the Alton prison. This is what the ‘Democrat’ has to say: “A grand ball of the surviving veterans of the 144th Illinois Volunteers, is proposed in Alton, for the purpose of raising a fund for the benefit of the wounded soldiers of that regiment, who are deprived of a pension through the President’s veto. Those of them who still linger, torn by shot and shell, are worthy recipients of such assistance, for no doubt those of the regiment who still live to suffer the unrequited agony of their woulds, are disposed to envy their comrades who fell at Shiloh, or Gettysburgh.”

Fieldon: It is rumored that there will be a new year’s ball at Krous’ Hall.

May 10, 1888

The Old Red Corner. Another old land mark is gone. Last Saturday workmen commenced tearing down the old red corner and moving the main building east on the alley preparatory to building a fine store-room on the site. Mr. DARDINGER let the contract to R. H. CLARK for $3,500 and the new building is to be 20 x 70, two stories and the old store will be used as a warehouse. The old building was built in 1841 and occupied by Josh CORBETT as a shoe shop, then by John HUTCHINSON in the same business. After that a man named ROBBERTS had a drug store and little printing office in it. Here was the place Dr. G. S. MILES first entered upon the profession of dentistry in this city. Robberts advertised for a dentist and Dr. Miles came from the east and secured the situation. J. C. TACK started the first tailor shop at this corner and W. J. HERDMAN also kept a dry goods store there before building at the Herdman corner. C. M. BOYLE at one time occupied it for a saloon, as did Col. Ben GREENE afterwards. Since then about every class of business has been done in it, up stairs and down. Could the old walls talk they could tell some very interesting stories. The new store will be an ornament to the corner and the “old red corner” will pass into history soon to be forgotten.

August 30, 1888

C. M. CAMPBELL, publisher of the Jersey Times has accepted a situation in St. Louis as managing editor of Hicks’ Word and Work. He and his family will reside permanently in that city. Linc FORD, formerly a typographer and the foreman in the office, will assume editorial control, with John A. BLENNERHASSETT as associate editor.

James DOWER, residing five miles east of this city on Shipman road, has advertised for sale at auction all his personal property, Thursday, Sept. 13th.

December 20, 1888

Fire. At about 2 o’clock Saturday morning, George PENNINGTON and his brother were returning to the residence of their grandfather, Mr. George RUE, after visiting with the night operator at the C. & A. depot, when they discovered the house owned by Squire FLAMM, just east of the school house, to be on fire. They gave the alarm and ran over and, assisted by HIGHFILL and SNOW, both of whom occupied the house with their families, succeeded in extinguishing the blaze. The fire gave every evidence of being the work of an incendiary and Highfill was suspected of committing the act. That the suspicion was well founded will be seen, where Highfill confesses.

J. G. ERWIN has bought out the grocery business lately owned by Mode COCKRELL.

Cam R. Hutchison [Hutchinson] has moved into the house west of Mrs. FERNS’ residence, and G. N. BURLEIGH has moved to the Leigh property, opposite the courthouse.

After one of the most delightful Falls ever witnessed here, the first Winter weather set in Tuesday and the thermometer dropped to 24 above zero.

Jett KIRBY has been an uncle just one week, his sister Hattie having given birth to a daughter last Thursday. Mother, child and Uncle Jett, all doing well.

A telegram was received Monday from Robert KIRBY that his twin babies were both very sick with pneumonia and one of them dying.

Wedding Bells. A large and brilliant assemblage, witnessed the marriage of Miss Jessie BATES to Mr. Geo. WATSON, at the handsome residence of Hon. Silas Bates, Sr., on Thursday evening, Dec. 13. The bride is a very pretty and accomplished young lady, and looked very beautiful and interesting, as arrayed in bridal costume, she stood with the man of her choice before the man of God. The groom is an estimable young man well known and liked by the community in which he resides. The ceremoney took place at 6:30 o’clock, the beautiful marriage service being performed by Rev. W. H. H. AVERY, of Jerseyville. Immediately after the ceremoney supper was announced, and was a marvel of delicacy and abundance every luxury of the season being served, and about sixty guests partook of this surperb collation. On account of the illness of Mr. Bates, the bride’s father, dancing was not indulged in, but not withstanding this, the guests were happy and “joy was unconfined,” and not until after 10 o’clock did the last remaining guests take their departure. Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs. W. H. H. Avery, Mr. And Mrs. Wm. Walling, Mr. and Mrs. Arch Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Shafer, Stephen Hamilton, Muncie, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Birkenmeyer, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Searls, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Watson, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Stround, Kane; Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Tullis, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Simmons, Brighton; Mr. and Mrs. Silas Bates, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Arch Bates, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Simmons, Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Darby, the Misses Dodge, Marshall and McCollister, Jane and Fanny Ely, Lizzie Rich, Mary Searles, Addie Watson, Libbie Prothero, Fidelity; Miss Tober, Kemper; Miss Anna and Nora McAdams, Otterville; Miss Lizzie Nugent and Miss Sallie Cummings, Delhi; Miss Anna Chambers, McClusky; Miss Lizzie Trabue, Mrs. Elizabeth Hutchison [Hutchinson] and daughter Rebecca, Misses Etta and Ida Johnson, Misses Selina Bates, Messrs. Wm. Dodge, John Marshall, A. S. McCollister, J. L. Tober, Kember; Messrs. W. C. Parish, J. D. Nugent, Tom and Harry Commings, Delhi; Wm. Hoffman, Preston Randolph and David Bates.
The presents were both handsome and numerous and comprised the following: Tom and Sallie Cummings, silver nut cracker and picks; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Walling, dozen silver teaspoons, butter knife and sugar spoon; John Marshall and sisters, Cora and Jane, dozen silver knives; Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Shafer, one half dozen silver teaspoons; T. C. Watson, father of the groom, one half dozen silver spoons; Harry Hamilton, silver pickle castor; Mr. and Mrs. Arch Hamilton, album; A. L. Wichener, silver butter knife; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Birkenmeyer, silver card receiver; Wm. Dodge and sister, silver butter dish and knife; J. L. Tober, silver syrup pitcher; Misses Lizzie and Ida McColister, silver cake basket; Sherman McCollister, jelly stand; Mr. and Mrs. R. Simmons, pair of vases; Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Simmons, glass water set; Harry Cummings, silver butter knife; Preston Randolph and sisters, Maggie and Mattie, castor; Lizzie Rich, thermometer and match case; Misses Etta and Ida Johnson, celery stand; James Sirrat, pair of vases; Wm. Hoffman, castor and cream pitcher; Mr. and Mrs. A. Barnett and Lizzie Trabue, glass water set; Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Stroud, vase; Misses Mary and Sarah Searles, hanging lamp; L. Hutchinson and sister, glass pitcher; Wm. Parish and J. D. Nugent, silver castor; E. F. Tullis and family, one half dozen glasses; Mrs. M. E. Darby, celery glass; Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Stanley, one half dozen fruit plates; David and Selina Bates, $5.00 bill; Mr. and Mrs. Silas Bates, Jr., glass set; Mr. and Mrs. Arch Bates, tea set; Misses Addie Watson, and Libbie Prothero, tea and dinner set; J. F. Chapman, set knives and forks; Hugh and Leathea Chapman, granite coffee pot; Selina Bates, ornamental hand bag; Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Serales, clock; Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Pritchett, Jr., table linen; Misses Jane and Fanny Ely, table scarf; Misses Nora and Anna McAdams, table cloth, and dozen napkins; Mrs. T. C. Watson, table cloth, and dozen napkins.

Jersey County Democrat, January 3, 1889. Article re-formatted for readability by transcriber. Surnames in capitals letters were not in original. Original text retained. There will be typos.

The Year 1888

The following is a resume of the past year as found in looking over the file of the Democrat. The will be interesting and many will wish they had preserved the papers


January 1:
Mrs. Amos BROOKS died in Kansas.
Dr. BULL buys one half interest in Godfrey Creamery.
Mississippi river closed by ice at St. Louis.
Smith & Son moved to Famous.
Gill ELY dangerously ill with inflammatory rheumatism.
Frank CHAMBERS and Miss Nellie CORNNALL married.

January 2: Oscar BURGER drew the prize watch at C. BORGER’s Grand Leap Year party at Villingers Hall.

January 3: City council pass ordinance prohibiting the burial of bodies in the old cemetery.

January 5:
Democrat publishes first of a series of article by Prof. McADAMS; also an article on “Star Dust” by Prof. DAVENPORT.
Col. EDGAR returns to Baxter Springs to take charge of the News.
Ira D. CALVIN and Miss Emily ENGLISH of Kane, married by Rev. AVERY.

January 6:
Tools arrived to continue boring in the Artesian well.
J. C. BIRDSALL and Miss Carrie B. GRAHAM, married at Bear Valley, Wis.

January 7:
Mrs. Joseph WOODS gives birth to three children.
Horse owned by Jack WHITFIELD at Grafton ran against a rail, forcing it through the entire length of the body.
Ice ten inches thick on the Mississippi.
B. C. ELLIOTT buys out Kirkland’s store at Kemper.
Thomas HOUTS, father of Mrs. Ninian BEATY died at Knobnoster, Mo.

January 9: S. DARLINGTON and Mrs. T. ALEXANDER’s buggies collide.

January 10:
Rev. I. C. TYSON organizes a singing class.
Board of Supervisors decide not to sell old Poor Farm.
Attorney E. PINERO appointed Notary Public.
Cosmos KELLER and Miss May KNAPP married at Elsah.
K. of H. officers installed.

January 11:
Miss Alice CORY injured by being run into with a sled, while coasting.
Miss Lulu WARE seriously injured, same cause.
Douglass POWERS died of typhoid pneumonia.

January 12:
Rainfall of 1887 published by Capt. J. E. COOPER, total fall 25 inches.
Ben DALZELL and Will LANDON start to Greenville, Texas to enter the lumber business.
Mrs. Sarah DARLINGTON died.
T. J. SELBY buys the Calhoun Herald.
Will BEATTY and Miss Carrie SHUBERT married.
Milo STOWE died.

January 13: Great storm, cold, snow and wind.

January 14: Leap Year party at Miss Ella SPENCER’s.

January 16: D. G. and H. N. WYCKOFF send large quantity of clothing to poor children at the school house.

January 17: Sled broke down in front of Democrat office with large load of young people.

January 18: J. E. STRODE’s house burned.

January 19:
List of old bachelors published in Democrat for benefit of ladies (it did not seem to do much good however).
Geo. SENIOR (?) seriously cut his foot with an ax.
David WALLCOT died at Grafton of consumption.
Theodore UPDIKE died, aged 71 years, 4 months and 15 days.
Mrs. L. P. SQUIER fell on the ice and broke her arm.

January 20: John P. RUTHERFORD and Miss Nancy E. BRIGHT married by Rev. Avery.

January 21:
William Enos BLEYLER died at Otterville, aged 15 years, 2 months and 20 days.
Weather so cold children’s Carnival postponed.

January 22: James RUSK died of Bright’s disease, aged 77.

January 23: Thomas DAVIS badly scalded by a stop cock bursting in Standard’s elevator.

January 24: Social party at residence of C. E. BOWMAN.

January 25: Work stopped on Artesian well till can ream hole out and case, quartz bother the work.

January 26:
Additional list of bachelors published in the Democrat.
Large party of young folks have a sleigh ride.
Hon. S. B. FOREE contributes a story to the Democrat.

January 27:
Miss Helen GORDON nearly killed by being struck with a toboggan at Chester.
Miss Imogene EVANS injured at St. Louis, same cause.
Candy pulling party at Frank BEARDSLEE’s.

January 28:
Teacher’s Institute held in Jerseyville.
Nick EGELHOFF injured while coasting.

January 29: Mrs. Felix BIRNEY of this city died at Carrollton.

January 30:
John BERTMAN employed by Stanard at Rockbridge elevator.
Miss Eliza JACKSON starts to Boston to school


February 1:
Charles M. FALL and Miss Sarah DOWER married.
Jerseyville Mutual Fire Ins. Co. organized.

February 2: A. J. DARR dies suddently of congestion of the stomach.

February 3: James FLEMMING has a valuable mule drowned.

February 4:
Eugenia Mills, Fieldon burned. Loss $14,000, insurance $7,000.
Rev. Father RYAN appointed Bishop of Alton diocese.
Elegant party at residence of M. C. WHIPPLE.
Tubing finished at Artesian well.

February 6: Electric Light Co. connects with the jail and clerk’s offices.

February 7:
Patent granted J. M. GIBERSON on improvement in railway tie.
H. COWEN sold his house to J. M. PAGE.

February 8: Will FLETCHER leaves the Tremont Hotel, Quincy.

February 9:
A. J. RICE’s family all sick with typhoid fever.
Jeremiah B. BRAINARD of Grafteon died, aged nearly 84.

February 10:
Will POWERS died of consumption, aged 21 years, 4 months and 10 days.
Farmer Boys give a party at Villingers Hall.

February 11:
J. T. WILLIAMS buys boilers for canning factory at Kane.
J. V. STRYKER decides to move to Springfield.

February 12: Tom HANLEY sick with mumps.

February 13:
Trepp, Schmieder & Co. remove to Shephard building to have thier store remodeled.
G. BIRKENMEYER very ill.
Harry CORY makes his first trip as railway postal clerk.
Anthony VAHLE and Miss Minnie GOETTEN married.

February 14: Mrs. FINES of Fidelity declared insane by jury and sent to Jacksonville.

February 16: Drill down in Artisian well 950 feet. At 800 feet salt water came in.

February 17: Leap Year party at Newbern.

February 19: Slight fire at G. M REMER property.

February 20:
Ice broke in the river at Grafton.
Chess club organized.
Mrs. DAY, mother of Mrs. Oscar LANDON, died at Ladonia, Mo.
David FORD and Miss Amanda Brown (colored) married.

February 21: New chemical apparatus purchased for High School.

February 22:
Mrs. Norman LANDON died, aged 64 years, 5 months and 9 days.
Large sale of personal property at late residence of O. LANDON.
Lloyd ENGLISH thrown from a horse and wrist sprained.

February 23: Several converts baptised by Rev. Avery.

February 27: N. W. GLENN contracts to build M. A. WARREN’s house, price $2,000.

February 28:
Mr. DAY, father of Mrs. Oscar LANDON, died.
Big sale at A. M. STRATTON’s, Piasa.

February 29:
Mr. and Mrs. J. Renfrew McARTHUR return from England.
Elmer DAY bought the “Pogue Vinyard.”
Chess club occupy their new room over Wyckoff’s store.


March 1:
Mrs. P. SWEENEY of Winnemucca, Nevada visites her old home.
Drill reaches 1,120 feet in Artesian well.

March 2:
Jerseyville Mfg. Co. declared a dividend of 10 percent.
R. NEWTON bought Jerseyville Agricultural works for $11,000.

March 3: T. W. BUTLER opens grocery store at Wagoner’s old stand.

March 4:
Rev. Avery baptised six converts.
George W. BELT died of typhoid fever contracted while caring for the RICE boys.

March 5:
Joe CAMPBELL loses a lot of cattle by strange disease.
Mrs. Catharine BEATY died, aged 74 years, 1 month and 9 days.

March 6:
G. S. RUE aged 84 and his wife aged 74 celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. Abram REMER celebrate their golden wedding.

March 7: A. HOLNBACK shipped car of cattle, averaging 1550.

March 8:
Mrs. Dr. HAMILTON dangerously ill.
Mr. G. BIRKENMEYER still sick.
Iron Clad Bachelor Club organized.
Fair Directors from Macoupin, Green and Jersey counties met here.

March 9: Harry SHEPHARD buys the fine mare, Lola D.

March 10: Bart McKINNA died.

March 12: Petition circulated to release Ben SPRY, who killed ROWDEN, as he is insane.

March 13: Cattle dying from eating too much straw.

March 14: Jury acquit William MONTGOMERY of killing CROW and DAVIDSON at Carrollton.

March 15:
Work still stopped on Artesian well.
Mrs. Dr. HAMILTON recovering.
Jessie, infant daughter of George and Emma LANE died at Elsah.
F. J. LOWE and Miss Jennie CRESS married.
Bean bag party given by Miss Lulu WARE.

March 16:
James BESTERFELDT nearly killed by the caving in of a bank.
Mr. Enoch DAY, of Hightston, N.J. died.

March 17:
Sale at Strykers stock farm.
Senator Chapman buys a Shetland pony.
James BROWN of Grafton drowned.
Capt. COOPER seriously injured by a fall.

March 18:
Mrs. Hester VAUGHN died, aged 86.
Funeral of Mrs. Sarah JOHNSON (colored).

March 19:
Committee at St. Louis award contract for Grant’s statue to Robt. BRINGHURST, price $4,000.
Work commenced on cut off of St. L., A. & S., at Newbern.

March 20:
Accident on Kansas City train, killing engineer.
J. GREATHOUSE granted pension with back pay of $1,200.
Matilda McDOW died at Newbern.

March 23:
Leap Year party at residence of Miss HILL, Fidelity.
Suit against Dr. PARK for $5,000 by James KENNEDY, jury find verdict for Park.

March 25: Mrs. Ed. McDONALD died.

March 26:
SCHNEIDER robbery case commenced, PIGGOTT and MINARD sent to penitentiary for 10 years each, BESTERFELDT not tried because of being injured.
Mrs. CARTER (colored) released from jail.

March 27:
Edward P. BAGLEY died.
Charles H. L. PILLSBURY and Miss Fannie TYSON married.
Heavy snowstorm.

March 29:
Judge HERDMAN adjourned court on account of funeral of E. P. BAGLEY.
Capt. J. E. COOPER recovering.

March 30: Woman with little child tries to kills herself by jumping in front of C. & A. train.

March 31:
Lamp explodes at residence of Gustav TREPP, no damage.
Corner stone of Odd Fellows Hall laid, Capt. J. E. STARR officiating.
Col. ENGLISH celebrates his 79th birthday.


April 1: Mrs. Daniel DAVIS of Grafton died, aged 68.

April 2: Bodies of Joseph MAY and Gid McPHERON who were killed in mine explosion at Rich Hill, Mo. brought here for internment.

April 4:
J. G. SCHWARTZ sells Myland property to L. BAUER for $1,600.
Henry NEVIUS and family started to Phoenix, Arizona.

April 5: Sheriff CADWALADER takes PIGGOTT, MINARD and three others to Chester.

April 7:

Grand doll party given by the ladies of W.C.T.U.
J. S. DANIELS elected president of Board of Education and S. H. BOWMAN and T. S. CHAPMAN directors.

April 8:
Willie HERDMAN very ill.
Sunday School organized at Bethel church with R. PRITCHETT superintendent.

April 9:
Reed & Gibbons move thier meat market to Bertman building.
St. Peters’ Sandstone struck in Artesian well at a depth of 1,400 feet.

April 10:
Judge WARREN elected delegate to National Presbytery.
Thirty-third annual meeting of Jersey County Medical Society met at office of Dr. VAN HORNE.

April 12:
R. NEWTON puts in new boilers at Agricultural Works.
Will PORTER employed as foreman on Calhoun Herald.

April 14:
Robert FERRIS, Jr. sandbagged and robbed of $35.
W. L. SCOTT elected school trustee.
Team badly injured at farm of Elmer POST by barbed wire fence.
Body of James BROWN found in river at St. Louis.

April 16: A boy at John BRAY’s.

April 17:
Eighteen persons confirmed at Episcopal church by Bishop SEYMOUR.
Body of Dr. H. C. CALKINS brought here from Staunton for burial.
City election, aldermen elected: J. S. HOLMES, F. J. BERTMAN, C. NEUMEYER, J. A. SHEPHARD and H. WHYTE city marshal.
Slight fire at residence of H. A. ALLEN.

April 18:
C. H. HOWELL, L. S. HANSELL, Arch ELY, Fred FRITZ and Willis LYNCH return from Pasadena.
Hon. Roscoe CONKLING died.

April 19: Thomas QUINN lost an eye by running against a hedge thorn.

April 20:
Grand entertainment by Peaked Sisters.
Slight fire at residence of Gid FORD.
First flow of water at artesian well at 1,650 feet.

April 23:
Horse owned by J. PERRINGS knocked an eye out.
N. W. CARKHUFF hanged himself at Roodhouse.

April 24: Col. FULKERSON started to Nebraska with a lot of short horn cattle.

April 25:
Mrs. Theresa ROERIG died.
H. J. WEIGHARD and Miss Matilda KRUEGER married at Fieldon.

April 26:
Elsah Odd Fellows celebrate the 33d anniversary of the founding of the order.
A. HOLNBACK bought the grocery business of Walker & Riley.
Vine HICKS died at Roodhouse, aged 100 years.

April 29: Prof. GLEASON gives exhibition of horse training at Fair Grounds.

April 28:
Thieves break into C. & A. depot at noon and get $2.
W. EMBLY and son Gus return from Pasadena.
Carpenter named BARNES of Carrollton struck by train on C. & A. while drunk.
Incendiary burns granary of Henry CHAPPELL.
Artesian well down to 1,700 feet.

April 30:
Joe LEE opens a laundry.
Tramp attempts to assault Mrs. DONNER.
New street opened and graded in Malott’s addition
Joseph UTT died at Virden.


May 1:
J. KRAUS bought out C. KELLER at Elsah.
Board of Supervisors sold Piasa Bridge piers to St. L., A. & S. railroad for $800.
Bishop RYAN consecrated at Alton.
Officers KINSLA and BURNS appointed for another year by the mayor.
Geo. LANE buys out A. H. STEPHANY of Elsah.

May 5:
Committee appointed to solicit subscriptions of car-shops.
The “Old Red Corner” moved.

May 7:
Becky QUINN very ill with measles.
Herman FRIEMAN injured by a flash of lightning at Grafton.
M. R. BEATY begins clerking at J. E. CORY’s.

May 8:
Arthur B. HALL died in the forty-fourth year of his age.
Mrs. Abram REMER died, aged 75
Mrs. James LONG died.
Miss Annie DUKE died.
Albert FRIEMAN and Miss Catherine DOUGHERTY married at Grafton.

May 9: S. SIMMONS died, aged 81.

May 10:
E. O. DASHWOOD died, aged 57.
Col. FULKERSON’s sale of short horn cattle in Nebraska.

May 12:
Frank MILLER buys half interest in J. MILLER’s barbershop.
Public Library turned over to W.C.T.U.

May 13:
Robert LEACH died at San Diego, Cal.
Rev. J. W. BUSH baptised 26 converts.

May: 14:
Cockrell & Couithard opened the Corkrell elevator.
Hanley & Perrings remove their meat market to National corner.

May 15:
Lewis C. THUSTON died, aged 74 years, 1 month and 29 days.
Mrs. Mary A. HENDERSON celebrates her 73d birthday.

May 16: H. H. BROCKMAN leases the red corner bakery for five years.

May 17:
Proclamation by mayor, ordering dogs muzzled.
Mission tea at Baptist church.
Artesian well 1,800 feet deep.

May 19: Frank ZEISER’s infant child dies.

May 20: Rev. W. H. H. AVERY preaches baccalaureate sermon to graduating class.

May 21: A child of John KING died at Grafton.

May 22:
Picnic at St. Michael’s church, Elsah.
Over fifty persons confirmed at St. Xavier’s church by Bishop RYAN.
Frank MILLER married.
Jerseyville schools closed.
Samuel DAVIS died, aged 90.

May 23: Nineteen students graduate at the High School.

May 30: Fine boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Gus TREPP.

May 31: Bids called for to build a church at Fieldon.


June 1:
First National Bank of Jerseyville declares a 4 percent semi-annual dividend.
Levi HUNTER died.

June 3: Excursion up the Mississippi river to see the flood.

June 4:
Teacher’s Institute held.
Judge SCOFIELD elected.
Banquet tendered E. C. WEBSTER at the residence of Dr. A. A. SHOBE.
Boiler exploded at Massey’s saw-mill injuring Josh SWEENEY.

June 5:
Dairy maid festival in court house yard.
J. M. DARNEILLE, father of Mrs. W. E. CARLIN died at Chatham.

June 6:
Benjamin PADDOCK and Miss MILLIKIN married.
H. STICKLES has a cow killed by the train.

June 7:
Ev HALSTEAD died at Chicago of heart disease.
Musical rehersal by Miss Flora KEITH’s class.

June 8: Mrs. John B. EVANS died near Palmyra, aged 63.

June 9: Judge HERDMAN attends Supreme National Convention K. of P. at Cincinnati as a delegate.

June 11:
Oil and cotton used in dressing burns on Josh SWEENEY ignite from spontaneous combustion.
Surprise party at Miss Lucy McGREADY’s.

June 12:
Monticello Seminary celebrates its fifteenth anniversary.
Jersey County medical society met.

June 13: Col. FULKERSON bought the Park Mill, Fieldon.

June 14:
Artesian well down 1,925 feet and drill broke.
G. BIRKENMEYER able to be out again.
Wesley WHARTON and Miss Lydia BREWSTER, of Whitehall married
Senatorial convention meets at Whitehall and nominates DAVIS and ALLEN.

June 16:
Little child drowned at John McSTAY’s in an iron kettle.
G. M. EATON buys Son’s Hall.

June 18:
C. NEUMEYER’s saloon burglarized and $8,000 stolen.
Will DANIELS buys C. VOORHEES’ interest in restaurant.

June 19: Burglars enter the St. L., A. & S. depot.

June 20:
Frank WILSON who robbed Neumeyer captured by Cadwalader and Page at Springfield and three others arrested at Jerseyville.
C. B. DORON and Miss May K. DAVIS, of Elsah, married.
Uncle John SIMMONS celebrates his 74th birthday.

June 21: Social entertainment at the residence of J. M. FINCH.

June 23: Mrs. Mary J. BELT died at Fieldon, aged 83 years, 3 months and 17 days.

June 25: Work commenced on Shephard’s new buildings.

June 27: C. DuHADWAY and Miss Lucy SCHATTGEN married.

June 30:
Committee on car-shops report about $6,000 raised.
C. STRONG and Harry GLEDHILL return home from Harvard.
Henry BRIGHT moves into the Bertman Building.


July 1:
Mrs. Sheriff CHAPPELL died.
Dr. Charles REED, of Cincinnati, calls on old friends.

July 2:
Nap CLARK seriously injured by a horse kicking him.
Miss Winnie BARR returned from Chicago and secures a music class.

July 3: Surprise party given Miss Leita PEARL at Otterville.

July 4:
Joe HOLCOMBE is granted a pension.
Mr. and Mrs. P. BARRON happy over the birth of a son.
Tom FOLEY killed at Carrollton by J. BURRUSS and Dave SCOTT.

July 6: G. R. SMITH elected president of the gun club.

July 8:
A. F. STONE happy over the birth of an infant.
Mrs. Mary Goode CARLIN died at Carrollton, aged 83 years and five days.

July 9: R. H. CLARK secures contract for poor house for $2,700.

July 10: N. W. GLENN secures contract for Shephard buildings at $4,895.

July 11: Henry BODEY seriously injured by binder.

July 12:
Democratic drum corps organized.
Grand Mother Hubbard picnic.

July 13:
Democratic club organized.
Harry CORY injured by horse.

July 14:
Little child of Robert SMITH, Pleasant Cove, broke its collar bone.
Judge POWEL returned from Arizona.

July 16: Exchange street opened west.

July 17: Elegant social entertainment at the residence of Judge CHENEY.

July 18:
John WEBSTER and Miss Katie QUINN, of Delhi, married.
Fred VanLIEW becomes insane at Beatrice, Neb.

July 20:
Henry MALLOY has an eye knocked out by the bursting of a soda bottle.
Mrs. Louisa GROSJEAN died, aged 65 years, 4 months and 27 days.

July 23:
O. D. FLEAK died at Grafton.
Birthday anniversary party given Miss Minnie SLOMAN.

July 24:
Lee N. ANDREWS and Miss Blanche DARR married.
Waite AVERY accepts position as organist at Burlington, Vt.

July 25: G. R. SMITH & Co. base ball club organized.

July 26:
Kindergarten exhibition at Villinger’s Hall.
St. L., A. & S. railroad sold for $700,000.

July 27: Harry BLISH kicked by a horse.

July 30:
Mrs. Michael SWEENEY died.
Joe O’LOUGHLIN employed at Leon ENGEL’s.
A fine boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank THOMAS at Fieldon.

July 31:
James McBRIDE happy because of the birth of a daughter.
Orlando COWEN drowned.


August 1: Geo. ADAMS sunstruck.

August 2: Edgar M. DYER and Miss Emma ARKEBANER (?) married.

August 4:
Thief entered W. HIGHLAND’s house at Fieldon and stole $17.
Fire in stable at rear of Arcade building.

August 5:
Democrats secure headquarters over Holmes’ store.
Will DANIELS quits the restaurant business.
Alex BLAY has a hand crushed while working on the walls at Harrington’s stable.

August 7: Gilbert DOUGLASS, brother of Mrs. Mary A. HENDERSON, of this city, died at Grinnell, Iowa.

August 8: Drums for the drum corps arrived.

August 9: Mrs. Henry PARKER died at Kane.

August 10: Dastardly attempt to burn the residence of Melvin LAMB.

August 11:
Road cart stolen from the residence of P. DOLAN.
Ed LOCKE gains $272.50 damages against the St. L., A. & S. railroad for the Piasa piers.
James RHOADS cuts conductor CORNEAU at St. L., A. & S. depot.

August 13:
Col. ENGLISH very ill.
Arch F. ELY bought C. E. BOWMAN’s livery stable.
Joe FULKERSON is employed at First National Bank.
Mrs. J. POWEL injured in a runaway.

August 14:
T. C. KELLER sold his store.
Misses Emily CARLIN and Mattie NELSON, guests of Mrs. Jett POST, injured in a runaway.

August 15:
W. A. FIELD and Clarence SCHUREMAN, both of St. Louis, drowned near Piasa Bluffs.
Dr. ALLEN bought the Arcade building.

August 16: James W. ENGLISH died at Jacksonville.

August 17: Bodies of FIELD AND SCHUREMAN found.

August 20: Hon. J. N. ENGLISH died, aged 78.

August 21: John LUCKY and Miss Georgiana HUTCHINSON married.

August 25:
Elliot MARTIN arrested for stealing and cutting horses at Carrollton.
Infant born to Mr. and Mrs. James POWELL.

August 27: C. CAMPBELL, of the Times, removes to St. Louis.

August 28: Artesian well reaches 2,003 feet.

August 29: Melvin LAMB’s house burned by an incendiary.

August 31: Artesian well tested for 20 hours, throwing 3,000 gallons per hour.


September 1: W. K. MORELY took charge of this division of the C. & A. railroad.

September 3:
Mrs. John RICHEY injured by falling from a carriage.
Work commences on car-shops.
M. A. WARREN moves into his new house.

September 4: Dr. O. P. ERWIN and Miss Maggie WILLIAMS married.

September 5:
Dr. A. E. OTTO and Miss Nettie TURNER married at Meade Center, Ks.
Prisoners attempt to escape from the jail.

September 6: Luke SMALLEY’s house burned by Thomas HIGHFILL.

September 7: Lewis RANDOLPH injured by falling through a bridge.

September 8: Maj. CARLIN, Mrs. CROSS and Miss Julia BARR start to California.

September 9:
Bans of William ENGLAND and Miss Mary FITZPATRICK published at St. Xavier’s church.
Vacation granted Rev. W. H. H. AVERY by Baptist church.
Camp meeting (colored) begins.

September 11: An infant son of C. F. CRUISER died.

September 12: P. HARRINGTON decides to build stores instead of another livery stable.

September 13: Fire and Water Committee of city council try a deep well pump for artesian well.

September 14: Mr. BLAZER injured at Fieldon church.

September 15:
Mrs. Peter DOLAN died.
Miss Lucy VanHORNE returns after two year’s absence at Omaha.

September 16: Rev. J. D. JOHNSON died at Athensville.

September 17:
H. H. BROCKMAN moves to a new store.
W. M. MARTIN convicted of cuttinghorses and sent to the pententiary for ten years.

September 19:
A. F. ELY and Miss Mollie HARRINGTON married.
Cawley D. McARTHUR died in England.

September 20: Alex F. WOODEN died, aged 65.

September 21:
W. W. ARNOLD president of the Whitehall Fire Clay works died.
Mr. Zeb BROWN of Godfrey swindled out of $2,500.

September 22:
Gus BRANCONNIER killed in St. Louis.
Richard COOK, little son of Mr. and Mrs. Douglass STANLEY died.

September 24: F. F. LOELLKE buys out A. J. KROSBEIN at Fieldon

September 25:
W. D. COX arrested at Marshall, Mo., for the killing of William NECE in 1877.
Will ENGLAND and Miss Mary FITZPATRICK married.

September 26:
Col. FULKERSON elected Vice-President of State Board of Agriculture.
S. D. REEVES and Mrs. Bell T. ADAMS married.

September 27:
A horse owned by N. W. GLENN fell in a well.
Big sale of stock at P. PARSELL’s.

September 28:
Joseph J., infant son of R. KEELY died.
John WILSON and Miss Wilma VEDDER eloped at Carrollton.

September 29: H. D. FIELDS store at Eureka Springs burned.


October 1:
F. W. VIRDEN opens the Northern Hotel.
Jake WISEMAN employed at Trepp, Schmeider & Co.

October 2:
New pump tested at artesian well, 7,000 gallons per hour pumped.
Jury convict James WILSON of burglary at Neumeyer’s and sent him to penitentiary for five years.
Mrs. Bridget LAHEY died, aged 51.
BESTERFELDT case continued.

October 6:
M. C. STELLE injured by a bull.
Geo. M. TERRELL injured by falling from an apple tree.

October 8: B. W. WARE begins erection of new buildings on Main street.

October 9:
Geo. UTT committed suicide at St. Louis.
Rev. J. A. SCARRITT chosen Presiding Elder.

October 10: A baby born to foreman of Democrat.

October 11: Mrs. Emily C. RUSK buys a residence of J. S. DANIELS.

October 12:
Fair party at Odd Fellows building.
C. H. VOORHEES run into and sulky smashed.

October 15: Uncle Jake REDDISH seriously injured by Henry RICE.

October 17: C. J. FRALEY and Miss Etta R. SNEDEKER married.

October 19:
Henry MALONEY and Miss Mary FLANNIGAN married.
Burglar robs McKABNEY of Kane and is captured by Officer KINSLA.

October 20: James DOWNWARD and Miss Mammie H. BROWN married.

October 21:
Fine daughter at F. B. HENDERSON’s.
Mrs. John GUNTERMAN died.

October 22:
S. L. HILL bought lot, corner of Main and Exchange streets, for livery stable.
Harry LOWE run over by a wagon.

October 23:
A little daughter of Albert HURD died.
Some tramp set fire to John FORD’s haystack.

October 25:
A. W. CROSS kicked by a horse and seriously injured.
Roxy, daughter of W. F. KROTZSCH died of croup.
P. DUGAN and Miss Ella DOUGHERTY of Chicago married.

October 27: Paul LERESCHE seriously injured by a fall at Whitehall.
October 28: Frank SHARKEY died at Marshall, Mo.

October 31: Ed. McDONALD died.


November 2:
Monticello Seminary burned, loss $150,000.
Robert MOREHOUSE and Miss Birdie GRANT married at Ft. Worth.

November 3:
Miss GLEASON teacher at Otterville.
Social soriee at residence of Harry A. SHEPHARD.

November 6: Election, Democrats happy.

November 7: Democrats not so happy.

November 8:
G. M. COCKRELL and Miss Bertha HAMILTON married at Meade Center, Ks.
Democrats think cuss words.

November 9: Mrs. Herman NILL presents her husband with a fine boy.

November 12:
Dr. DuHADWAY buys the “Aunt Sid” property for $400.
George H. GARDNER died at Kane.

November 13:
Rails for Alton extension on St. L., A. & S. railroad arrived at Jerseyville.
Ben BARNETT seriously injured by falling.

November 14:
Will EADS and C. H. KELLY acquitted of charge to deface records in Greene county.
Fair by ladies of church of the Holy Ghost.

November 15:
Jerseyville Dramatic Co. at Otterville.
Burleigh hunters start for Arkansas.

November 16:
First snow of the season.
Carrollton school building burned.

November 17:
A. W. CROSS elected president of fair board and L. L. KIRBY vice-president.
Miss Lucy McGREADY begins musical studies at St. Louis.
Ed. LOCKE enjoins the St. L., A. & S. railroad from taking the Piasa piers.

November 18: Jersey Township Sunday School Convention meets.

November 19:
Mrs. Nancy KIRBY very ill at Fieldon.
Stephen SCHAFER arrested at Carrollton, charged with burning the Carrollton school.

November 21: Miss Luttie BROWN gave an elegant social party.

November 23:
Horse thief escapes from parties who brough him to jail.
Nin STALLINGS injured.

November 24:
Jury in COX trial at Carrollton fail to agree.
Seven pound girl at R. R. NUGENT’s, Grafton.
Mrs. MALONEY thrown from buggy.

November 25: Pastor announces that the amount to pay off debt on Baptist church is raised.

November 26: Mrs. Sarah J. BRAMLETTE died, aged 86 (?) years, 8 months and 19 days.

November 28: Miss Hattie COCKRELL died.

November 29:
Grand ball at Kraus hall Fieldon.
O. P. COLEAN died of consumption.
Elegant progreassive euchre party given by the Misses Flora and Lelia SHEPHARD.
Forty-nine children and grand children visit Mrs. Elvira LANDON.

November 30:
Mrs. Dorothy KELIER (or KELLER) died, aged 84 years, 2 months and 24 days.
Officer John HEGERTY died in St. Louis.


December 1:
Henry EISERHARDT and Frank BOYD arrested for stealing.
Corner FLAUTT appointed Dr. C. DuHADWAY deputy corner.

December 4: Mrs. Michael REUBEL died at Grafton.

December 5: Remains of Henry BEEKMAN brought here for burial.

December 6:
Mrs. Eugene McREYNOLDS, who has been very ill, improving.
Gus TREPP improving.
Rev. Father HARTY celebrates the 25th anniversary of his ordination.
Surprise party at the residence of Daisy BARRY.

December 7:
Ed LEWIS receives a severe fall while painting.
Grand concert at Presbyterian church.
Committee of aldermen from Springfield visit Jerseyville to inspect electric lights.

December 8:
J. H. RICHARDS sells his residence to WATSON, of Fidelity, for $2,500.
Shed at residence of J. FAIGLE burned.

December 10:
Sheriff CADWALADER occupies the jail residence.
Men who stole shoes at Mrs. A. B. HALL’s store tried and sentenced to jail for 20 days.
Loan Association declares 30 percent dividend for six months.

December 11: W. H. COULTHERD (COULTHARD ?) elected Post Commander of Lowe Post G.A.R.

December 12: Ladies give supper at Ruyle’s hall, Fidelity.

December 13:
George L. WATSON and Miss Jessie BATES married.
Odd Fellows Hall dedicated.
Mrs. Hattie SMITH, nee KIRBY, is a happy mother.

December 14: Col. EDGAR again takes charge of the Rep-Ex.

December 15:
Benj. AKARD moves into his new house in first Ward.
J. G. ERWIN buys the grocery business of Mode COCKRELL.
T. HIGHFILL attempts to burn his house.
MOde COCKRELL leases the Massey Elevator.
Dr. PARK moves to Winfield, Ks.

December 16: T. HIGHFILL arrested and confesses to burning L. SMALLEY’s house and trying to burn his own.

December 17:
Eugene ROACH breaks his leg.
Miss Ella BOWMAN died at Medora.

December 18:
Mr. Mace SHAW gives a house warming at Fulksville.
Children’s party at the residence of F. W. VIRDEN.

December 19: Miss Edith McREYNOLDS very sick with typhoid fever.

December 20: Elegant social party at residence of John WILEY.

December 21:
J. T. GRIMES buys twenty head of Polled Angus cattle.
Stephen FUNKE presents a fine bell to German Catholic church.

December 22:
Orin CLARK seriously ill.
Boys skate for first time this winter, ice two inches thick.
J. G. ERWIN leases Odd Fellows building.
Amos PERRINGS bought the STALLINGS farm for $6,612.

December 23: E. BUCHER has a new boy arrive.

December 24:
“Aunt Sid’s” house torn down.
W. B. CORY leases Dr. MILE’s farm for three years.
J. G. MARSTON re-elected W. M. of Jerseyville Lodge, 394 A.F.&A.M.
Bells rung for the first time in German Catholic church.

December 25:
Baptists pay off the debt on their church.
Asa BOHANNON and Miss Mattie PERRINGS married.

December 26:
Sister Angela BECKER died at Jacksonville.
M. REUBEL attacked by a gang of men at Grafton.
Peter R. PARSELL and Miss Eva C. MOORE married.

December 27:
Melvin LAMB and Miss Annie SQUIER married at Alton.
R. C. GLEDHILL receives an elegant gold cane from Odd Fellows.

December 28: Son born to Judge HERDMAN.

December 30: Mrs. Judge HERDMAN dangerously ill.

December 31:
W. B. CORY and Miss Josie A. KIRBY married.
Elegant social party en masque at Judge CHENEY’s.
Nicholas DONOHUE died at Grafton.

The above chronicle is, in some cases, not exactly at the proper dates, and many items did not show the day, only referring to them as “one day last week,” but the time is approximate and as near as could be obtained.

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