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Jersey County Democrat – 1887Jersey County Democrat, January 5, 1888. Article re-formatted for readability by transcriber. Surnames in capitals letters were not in original. Original text retained. There will be typos.

The Year 1887

We give a brief resume of the important events that occurred in this county during the past year, as chronicled in the Democrat, and believe they will be interesting to our readers.


January 1: Twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage of John A. CORY

January 3:
The Barnes Locomotive Combustion Co. organized by electing J. B. BARNES, S. W. JEFFREY, M. R. LOCKE, R. P. SHACKLEFORD, A. K. VanHORNE, William BROWN, and B. F. WISE Directors, and R. P. SHACKELFORD President, M. R. LOCKE Vice President, S. W. JEFFREY Secretary and Treasurer.
Andy DOUGHTEN died from “old age general debility.”

January 6: small fire at Buffington residence.

January 8: second annual Children’s Carnival, over 400 sleighs in line.

January 11: Mrs. William WELCH and Miss Mary FRANK run over near Sherman shcool house and seriously injured.

January 13:
Operetta given by Mrs. Nellie PORTER for benefit of Soldiers Monument fund. Net proceeds $107.15
Rock hauled to be broken by people desiring county aid.

January 17: Great fire destroying $40,000 worth of property and burning out B. C. VANDERVOORT, Odd Fellow, J. C. CARBY, C. C. BERGER (?), H. A. TUNEHORST, J. E. BOYNTON, E. A. SPENSER, and Miss MAYLAND, and injuring the First National Bank, Commercial Hotel, Ed CHRISTOPHER and Dr. A. K. VAN HORNE. Insurance $45,610.

January 21:
Charity Masquerade Ball. Net proceeds $105.50.
Mode COCKRELL purchases the grocery store of L. D. CORY.
J. V. STRYKER buys 53 head of horses from Stony Ford Stock Farm, New York.

January 28: Willie F., infant son of Charles and Lelia BEATTY, died of croup.

January 20:
Uncle Ford HANKERSON died, aged 94 years, 4 months, and 24 days.
B. W. HILL takes the place of H. W. FISHER in the U. S. Express office.

January 30:
W. H. H. AVERY, called as pastor of Baptist church
Earthquake felt very distinctly.


February 1:
Harry DANIELS takes the place of Geo. VAN HORNE in post office.
Great talk of Opera House over Vandervoort’s.
Judge KIRKPATRICK sprains his ankle at the ruins of Vandervoort building.
City Council order fire engine, hook and ladder and hose cart from the Gleason & Bailey Manufacturing Co., Chicago.

February 10:
Capt. J. E. COOPER gives rainfall for past year as 28 1/4 inches.
Democrat adopts printing subscribers names on their papers and buys a new dress.
Attempt to wreck train at Elsah.
Excitement in Grafton, Elsah and Calhoun county over the extending Central Illinois to the latter county.

February 11: Henry C. MASSEY died of heart trouble, aged 59.

February 12:
Ed KESSLER, of Grafton, committed suicide by drowning.
Henry T. RAINEY appointed Master of Chancery for Greene county by Judges HERDMAN and EPLER.
Gustav TREPP and Benj. BARNETT bought the store occupied by them for $6,100.

February 14: Wm. McDOW died at Otterville.

February 16: Steamer Hudson makes her first trip from Grafton to St. Louis.

February 17: Charles CARROLL died at Otterville, aged 77.

February 21: M. WARREN and W. H. STURGESS form a co-partnership and adopt the strictly cash system.

February 28: S. H. BOWMAN appointed administrator Joshua NEELY estate, vice Dr. C. W. ENOS, resigned.


March 1:
J. S. HOLMES buys out his brother, S. A. HOLMES, corner of Main and Pearl street.
Incipient fire in chimney of post office building.

March 3:
Will HOWELL robbed of clothing.
Herbert SAUER died.

March 6:
Mrs. Mary COOPER died.
Bloomington Live Stock Insurance Co. collapses with unpaid losses.

March 8: Henry Ward BEECHER died.

March 10:
John R. BEATTY and Mrs. Jane KNOX married.
O. TERRELL starts to Tecumsch, Neb. to reside.

March 14:
J. H. KIRBY’s barn destroyed by fire.
O. A. SNEDEKER, lets contract for Etta BLOCK, to R. H. CLARK for 5,000.

March 16:
Charles and Lelia BEATTY lose another child with croup.
Charles CAMPBELL awarded contract to keep poor house.
Judge P. D. CHENY and Mrs. H. H. BRIDGES married in St. Louis.

March 18: Fredrick CROSSMON died.

March 22:
William BUCKLES killed by a cow.
Mrs. Elizabeth MARSHALL died.

March 23: J. S. DANIELS elected Chief of Fire Department; P. DUNPHY Assistant; John POWELL, Assistant; T. FITZGIBBONS, foreman hose; Geo. STURDEVANT, Assistant; Wm. BURNS, foreman N & L, Geo. FREY, Assistant.

March 24: Election for city officers called and to vote on assessing $3,000 in bonds, to build city hall, payable in six years at 6 per cent interest.

March 25:
Henry HELLER died of pneumonia, age 41.
Mrs. Nancy VAN HORNE stricken with paralysis.
Leslie CROSS planted ten acres of corn.
A party of twelve attend a Mikado performance in St. Louis.
Henry LURTON is thrown from a horse and injured seriously.
Great revivals at McClusky and Newbern.

March 27:
Andrew WEBER residing near Elsah died.
Mrs. Jefferson CRULL died.

March 28: Mrs Thomas SEGRAVES died near Elsah.


April 5:
“Crazy Supper” given by the ladies of M. E. Church nets $90.
C. E. BOWMAN buys a Clydesdale stallion.

April 11:
Will MASSEY loses valuable stallion by death.
Hon. O. B. HAMILTON and family leave for Meade Center to reside.
Lamp explosion in Mrs. ALLEN’s millinery store causes excitement.

April 13: C. H. KIRBY sold his farm south of Jerseyville to J. H. LAMB for $16,000.

April 14 & 15: Mikado given by home talent. Net receipts $120.

April 16: Miss Lucy SCHA??GEN met with serious accident by falling down basement stairs.

April 19:
Prof. BARLOW gives a musical concert in Presbyterian Church.
J. M. PAGE elected Mayor of Jerseyville; T. F. FERNS, Attorney; T. W. BUTLER, Clerk; G. R. SMITH, Treasurer; H. WHYTE, Marshal; G. M. EATON, Alderman 1st Ward; L. S. HANSELL, 2nd; E. SLATTERY 3rd; and J. S. DANIELS 4th.
Proposition to issue bonds for city hall carried by 189 majority.

April 21: Capt. Niclaus BEUSEN and Mrs. Minnie CASAVANT married at Carrollton.

April 23:
Mrs. Ephraim CHAPPELL died aged 33 years.
Dr. C. W. ENOS nearly drowned while crossing Otter Creek.
Drury C. LEACH died aged 73 years.

April 26:
Home Mikado troupe give entertainment at Carrollton.
E. CHRISTOPHER sold his restaurant to Luther ROBINSON, of Collinsville, Ill.
Mad dog scare makes things lively about Fred NAGLE’s.

April 27:
Fred SCHEFFER and Miss Lizzie C. DACY of St. Louis, married in latter city.
John CONKLIN and family moved to Moberly, Mo. to reside.
L. M. CUTTING, Jr. resigns his position in the Home Ins. Co. at Chicago, and returned to Jerseyville.


May 1: George B. POWELL died, aged 20.

May 2: Board of Education organize by electing J. S. DANIELS Pres., T. S. CHAPMAN, Sec., and took up last school order, $1,000 in old debt.

May 4:
E. S. SPENCER buys restaurant from Mr. L. ROBINSON, who returned to Collinsville.
Mrs. Catherine ROGERS died, aged 84.

May 7: Will KIRBY moves to Liberty, Mo., to reside.

May 8: Nineteen persons immersed in Otter Creek.

May 9:
Patsy CAROBINE killed and Owen CALABAN and Pat SCULLY severely injured by apremature blast in the Grafton quarries.
Patrick DUGAN ruptures varicose vein in his leg and bleeds excessively.
Advent of twins at home of Hon. S. B. FOREE.

May 10:
Mrs. Howard O’HAVER died at her home in Denver, Col.
Fritz HUND’s house struck by lightning.

May 11:
Sale of Short Horn Cattle at the Hazel Dell Stock Farm, amount of sale $3,610.
G. R. SMITH injured by glass-ball trap.
Howell Bros. given contract to build Vandervoort buildings.

May 13:
School Board decides to charge 25 cents admission to commencement exercises.
Frank EATON reported seriously ill at Quincy, and his father goes there to see him.

May 17: Constable John REYNOLDS and Amos CUMMINGS engage in a pistol duel at Kane. No one injured.

May 20: Fire destroys ‘Casey house’ occupied by J. C. GASKILL, insurance $1,000.

May 26:
Jerseyville Loan and Building Association formed with $500,000 capital.
Hannah BROWN (colored) arrested for taking letter from post office.
Mayor ARMSTRONG and party of Carrollton visit Jerseyville to inspect rock roads.
Dr. W. E. HOLLAND locates in Jerseyville.
E. A. R. MEYER’s father drops dead in Missouri for heart disease.
City Attorney FERNS invited to address the W. C. Union at Quincy.
Commencement exercises of public school, fifteen graduates.

May 22: Charles McDANIELS of Otterville died, aged 59.

May 26:
Fire clay taken from farm of Col. FULKERSON sent to Whitehall an made into crocks.
Alumni of High School give a banquet at Villingers Hall.

May 29: Patrick WELCH died.


June 3:
George Ives SMITH died with diphtheria.
Harry McGEE died.

June 6: Board of Supervisors organize by electing Judge P. D. CHENEY chairman.

June 7:
Harry HILL and Miss Emma DU HADWAY married.
Council grants electric light franchise to Messrs. Schwarz, Leigh and Carlin.
Petition signed by 225 property owners asking council to open Exchange street presented to city council.
$3,000 City Hall bonds ordered issued
Council engage G. C. MORGAN to draw plans and specification for a system of water works.

June 9: W. L. SCOTT’s mother died aged 78.

June 11:
School Board engage Prof. PIKE for another year as principal.
Will T. ROACH engaged as principal of Grafton school.
James F. McCLURE goes to Dighton, Ks. to clerk in Keith’s bank.
Loan association elect W. E. CARLIN, Pres.; R. J. BROCK, Sec.; and R. C. GLEDHILL, Tres.

June 12: Childrens Day observed in all the churches.

June 13: Teachers Institute organized in Jerseyville.

June 15:
Edwin SMITH of Springfield and Miss Hattie KIRBY married.
Surgeon J. B. HAMILTON, Washington, and family visited Jerseyville.
Mrs. J. K. SMITH and family moves to Lincoln, Neb., to reside.

June 22:
Glover SHORT died in his 87th year.
O. B. C. Band purchased a band-wagon.

June 18:
J. O’LOUGHLIN’s stock of goods sold at auction.
City Attorney FERNS receives a gold headed case from friends in Quincy.

June 20: A. W. CROSS lays out Bare’s addition to Jerseyville.

June 21: Council accept plans of G. C. MORGAN and order bids for waterworks published.

June 23: Odd Fellows purchase Fisher lot for $2,700.

June 25: David HOUGHTLIN, Jr., goes to Wakefield, Ks. to reside.

June 27:
Boring for water begins.
Uniforms for Hook and Ladder company arrive.
L. D. CORY purchases stock of groceries at Greenburg, Kan.


July 1:
James WALLACE and Miss Bettie CARR married.
Gersham PATTERSON died of paralysis, aged 62.

July 4:
Grand celebration at Fair grounds.
Small fire in Bonnell’s row, north Main St.
Henry KETSMILLER and Miss Annie COLENBERGER, married.

July 5:
Patrick CUMMINGS falls from mow in Bowman’s stable and is killed.
Council locate city hall on calaboose lot and awarded contract to R. H. LEAK for $3,247.71.
C. M. BOYLE opens his new hotel, “The Southern.”
O. B. C. Band give their first excursion on the Mississippi.
J. V. STRYKER sells his three-year-old colt “Diplomacy” to Caton Stock Farm for $3,000.

July 11:
Mrs. N. F. SMITH and family go to Pasadena, California to reside.
Patrick DUNPHY died of congestion and apoplexy, aged 43.
Thermometer 106 in the shade.

July 13: Mrs. Thomas M. MEADER, formerly Miss Julia BELL brought to Jerseyville from Chicago for burial.

July 16: Mrs. David AMES died in her 88th year.

July 17: R. H. McaNAIR injured by explosion of large firecracker.

July 19:
Mrs. Smith M. TITUS died, aged 67.
Thos. H. BRITT dies at poor house from effects of kick given him by John MORRISSY, July 6.

July 20:
Electric Light Company purchase corner of Pearl and Lafayette street for power house.
Women’s Baptist Mission Society met in Jerseyville.
Jack McGRATH falls from a tree and is injured.
Joe LaCLAIRE of Portage and Miss Ida ARNOLD married at Grafton.
Charles FROST and family and Arch ELY leave for Pasadena.
Supervisor William NOBLE died aged 59.
Mary Ann RYAN died aged 21.

July 24: Poker CRANDALL stabbed George RITCHIE in the side at Grafton.

July 25:
David CARROLL lost a little girl.
John CARNEY while crossing a bridge near Kemper breaks through, both horses killed and CORNEY injured.

July 26: Edward GRAY died of inflammation of the bowels, after an illness of but five days, aged 50 years.

July 27:
Hattie, youngest daughter of John and Mary JENNINGS died.
Robert Lee, son of J. H. and Olive G. RICHARDS, aged 8 months died.

July 28:
Biographies of O. B. C. Band members published in Democrat.
Mrs. ALLEN’s kindergarten entertainment at Villingers Hall.

July 29: Mrs. Mary R. COOMBS died at Plainview, aged 79.

July 30:
H. McCLUSKY bought the Bertman store on Main street for $6,000.
Old Settlers met at court house.
A child of John FITZGIBBONS fell off a fence and broke her arm.
James HAYS, son-in-law of James DOWER died near Morrisonville.
E. C. WEBSTER bought “Russell farm” for $18,000.

July 31: Henry HAMMER died at Grafton from effects of a blow given him by Columbus Queen.


August 1: Big fire on South Main street destroying Weller’s stable, Keller’s grocery store, Cutler’s restaurant and Holnback’s meat market and injuring C. Neumeyer’s saloon and the “Famous.” Total loss about $10,000.

August 2: Earthquake distinctly felt throughout the county.

August 6:
School Board contract with G. MATHEWS of Jacksonville, to put steam heater in school house.
Prosper NOBLE died at Trinidad, Col., aged 43.
Medical and Surgical Society of western Illinois met in High school building.

August 7:
Col. Ben GREENE died at Fidelity.
Charles BRAINARD and Miss Victoria SLATEN of Grafton married.

August 8:
Thomas WEDDING and Miss Rosa McNABB married at Hardin.
Stuart MARSH goes east to attend lectures at Belview Hospital, New York.
Great excitement over disappearance of Geo. D. HAYDEN of Alton, supposed to have been murdered near Newbern
Geo. FULLER and Miss Mollie ROUNDTREE, married at Alton.
Creamery Company formed and “Spoke factory” property bought.

August 11: Keller MAXWELL and Miss Emma DUNCAN, of Greenfield, married.

August 12: Mrs. Dr. D’ARCY died at Mendom, N. J., aged 85.

August 13: A. D. LOCKE takes charge of the Rep-Ex.

August 16: Golden wedding of Judge WARREN and wife.

August 17:
Piasa Bluffs camp meeting begins.
Old Settlers picnic at Fair grounds.

August 19:
Three prisoners excape from the County jail.
Lieutenant A. Y. LOWE visits relatives in Jerseyville.

August 20: Benjamin GLOSSUP killed near Otterville, by being run over by a loaded wagon.

August 21:
Mrs. F. B. EGELHOFF died, aged 25.
Lena, daughter of John MODE died, aged 30.

August 23:
Michael DUGGAN, Sr., died at his home near Otterville, aged 86.
Central Illinois Sportsmen’s Association met in Jerseyville for four days shoot.

August 24: James POWERS and Miss Maggie MALEY married.

August 16: George GOODRICH committed suicide in English township.August 27: Samuel BOTHWELL died suddenly in Texas.

August 28: Mrs. Stephen FUNKE died, aged 66.

August 29:
C. W. LYNCH and family and twelve others start to California.
Illinois river the lowest ever known.
Council let contract for Artesian well to J. P. Miller of Chicago.


September 6: Quinn ELLSWORTH robbed of $129.

September 7:
J. R. COLEAN goes to Ft. Scott, Ark. to engage in the banking business.
Miss Cuba CHADWELL and Frank COWEN married at Virden.
John SWENEY comences erecting two-story blacksmith shop.
David DELZELL died of consumption, aged 68.
Charlie BURNETT, one of the escaped prisoners captured.
F. X. SCHATTGEN severely injured in the hand with a meat hook.

September 8: Odd Fellows contract for new hall to Henry LEAK for 7,900.

September 12: School opened with 575 scholars enrolled.

September 14:
J. T. ARCHISON and Miss Alice PINKERTON married at Carrollton.
Albert and Cora CARTER arrested for robbing Quinn ELLSWORTH.

September 19:
James PERRINGS and Miss Maud SELBY married.
Dr. E. L. H. BARRY, Jr., seriously injured by runaway horse.
A son of J. JENNINGS of Delhi, injured by a tank falling on him.

September 23:
Judge POGUE died of apoplexy, aged 51.
Mrs Jeff KING died suddenly of heart disease, aged 46.

September 24: Geo. REED and Martin GIBBONS buy the National meat market.

September 29: Xavier SCHNIEDER knocked down and robbed of $450.

September 30: Miss Juanita EVANS died of typhoid fever.


October 1:
Jacob WAGNER moves into Wiley building.
James DOWNEY and Miss Minnie FALL married at Morrisonville.
Oscar HILL moves into Etta building; F. ARMSTRONG assigns.

October 3:
L. D. CORY and family remove to Greensburg, Ks.
David BRAINARD and Mrs. Peter WILLIAMS thrown from a wagon in Grafton and badly injured.

October 4: City Council ordered 51 electric street lights for city.

October 5: Louis J. SCHLAGEL and Miss Maggie DURNEY married.

October 6: Trial in Joshua NEELY will case. Will sustained.

October 10: Ch??? CAMPBELL of Randolph county, assumes control of the Daily Times in this city as editor and proprietor.

October 11:
Great Jersey County Fair commences.
$300 reward offered for conviction of parties who assaulted X. SCHNEIDER.

October 13:
O. B. C. Ball at skating rink.
J. V. STRYKER sells 21 head of horses to J. W. WATT, Morefield, Neb.
Judge WARREN announces himself as independent candidate for county judge.

October 15: Miss Kate O’HARE seriously injured by being gored by a bull at Elsah.

October 17:
James M. YOUNG and Mrs. BENSON married.
Mrs. James O’HOLLORAN and daughter Lizzie moved to St. Louis.

October 19:
Tom PIGGOTT, Harry MINARD, David REEDER and F. GRETHER arrested for Schneider robbery.
J. S. MALLOTT buys Nail property and lays off addition to Jerseyville.

October 20: A. A. GOODRICH, J. S. CARR and A. M. SLATEN announce as candidates for county judge and H. W. POGUE as candidate for State attorney.

October 22: A little child of James PRIHCE drank some concentrated lye at Elsah and was badly burned.

October 24: Mrs. Charles MILTON and daughter Laura were thrown from a buggy and badly injured.

October 26: D. READER and F. GRETHER, confined for supposed complicity in SCHNIEDER robbery released from jail.

October 29:
Dr. L. G. WILKERSON starts to California.
A. A. GOODRICH nominated by democrats for judge and H. W. POGUE for States Attorney.
Three runaway teams start from Hamilton’s corner.

October 31:
Alderman HANSELL, C. H. HOWELL and Gid FORD start for Pasadena.
Halloween observed by playing practical jokes.


November 1:
Mrs. E. C. WEBSTER returns to her home in Pasadena.
Drs. VAN HORNE and DU HADWAY dissolbe partnership.
Mike MOONEY and Jack BERGER who robbed Pat CLYNE released for want of prosecution.

November 2:
J. V. STRYKER’s sale at Fair grounds amounts to $9,650 for 27 head.
Jersey County Gun Club leases Sportsman’s Park.
N. W. GLENN buys the N. F. SMITH property.
Dr. Alonzo T. HOLT of Newark, Mo. bough the Bertman property at McClusky, owned by Mrs. Helena BERTMAN.
Dr. G. S. MILES buys two lots in Pasadena for $17,000 and turns in his farm at $10,000 as part pay.

November 6: J. W. McEVERS returned from Pasadena.

November 8:
A. A.GOODRICH elected judge by 176 majority over WARREN and H. W. POGUE elected States Attorney.
County Sunday School Convention meets in Baptist Church, Jerseyville.

November 10:
Perry (?) PRITCHETT and Miss Charlotte DARBY married.
Terrible forest fires raging in forests.
O. A. SNEDEKER’s house damaged by fire.
Geo. WEBSTER comes on from Pasadena to visit friends.
Five anarchists hanged at Chicago.

November 12:
John WHALL (?) and Henry HEALY drop dead near Fieldon, of heart disease.
Frank HENDERSON and Miss Ida HILL were married.
Steamer Hudson makes her last trip for the season.

November 13:
Great revival of religion at Piasa.
Great drought expected.

November 15: City buys lot of J. S. MALLOTT for waterworks for $250.

November 16:
Great fire at Carrollton.
Company formed in Pasadena with $1,000,000 capital to construct cable railway under Dr. A. A. SHOBE’s patent.

November 17:
A. A. GOODRICH and T. F. FERNS dissolve partnership.
W. BATES begins artesian well, working 24 hours each day except Sunday.

November 18: James BESTERFELDT admitted to bail in sum of $1,000 with Mrs. L. V. S. AMES security.

November 19:
Burbank lectures here.
Charlie McFAIN takes charge of his father’s blacksmith business.
Stockholders of Jersey Co. Fair re-elect old officers and six new directors.
Evans (?) GREEN burned to death in woods.
County poor house burned from defective flue.

November 20:
John McDANIEL died at his home in Kemper.
J. A. HOWE, burglar, arrested at Delhi.

November 21:
Great anxiety felt for Burleigh party hunting in Ark.
Warren & Pogue remove to their old quarters over Vandervoorts.
T. B. ELLIOTT of Medora moved to Washington territory.

November 24:
Presbyterian church lecture course determined on.
Drought still continuing.
Man named RHODES cut at Rockbridge by James FLEMINGS.

November 28:
C. W. SIMMONS of Brighton injured by runaway horse.
Insurance companies pay full insurance on poorhouse.

November 26:
Richard FABER of Grafton goes to Texas.
Col. EDGAR returns to Jerseyville.


December 1: Gen. CARLIN of Dakota visiting his brother W. E. CARLIN.

December 3:
Electric light turned on and people jubilant.
Col. FULKERSON returns from Pasadena.

December 5: Council accept new city hall and order it lighted and furnished.

December 6:
Board of Supervisors met, Sheriff Cadwalader reports twenty cents as the amount collected on his salary.
Temporary building ordered erected at poor farm.

December 8:
Gov. CUMBACK in first lecture at Presbyterian church.
Directors of Fair met and elected A. D. LOCKE, Sec., S. CONKLIN, Supt., J. S. DANIELS and J. M PAGE directors.

December 12: Curey PUJOL died at Portage de Sioux, age 48.

December 14:
O. A. SNEDEKER goes to Cincinnati as commissioner on centennial.
Israel PERRINS and Miss Emma C. SUNDERLAND married at Delhi.

December 17:
Jersey County Teachers Institution met in Jerseyville.
Town Hall at Elsah finished.
Jury in case of City of Jerseyville to open Exhange street render a verdict placing cost and damages at $940.
Suicide of Oscar LANDON at his farm while temporarily insane, aged 48.

December 22:
Jimmy FENTON died.
O. B. C. Band entertainment at Villinger’s Hall.

December 23:
Drill lost in Artesian well after reaching depth of 470 feet.
Phillip WAGNER died at Elsah, aged 57.
Ball in new hall at Elsah.

December 24: Stock of groceries at Famous sold at auction.

December 25: Infant son of R. B. LEAK died at Elsah.

December 26: W. PRUITT died at his home near Sherman school house, of consumption.

December 27: Masonic sociable at lodge room.

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