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Jersey County Page     Jersey County History

Early Marriages, Records, Town Plats

From History of Greene and Jersey Counties, Illinois, Springfield, IL: Continental Historical Co., 1885, pp. 94 – 99. Not a complete transcription. There will be typographical errors.

Marriages 1839-1841

John P. Allcorn and Mary Hawkins, license issued issued Oct. 17, 1839, ceremony performed by David Myers, J.P. The first marriage in Jersey county.

Thomas Jackson and Rebecca Cowan, issued Oct. 17, 1839, David Myers, J.P.

David Arnspiger and Jane Stephens, married Oct. 20, 1839 by David Myers, J.P.

Nathan C. Swann and Mary Ann Patton, married Oct. 31, 1839, by John Keys, J.P.

James G. Swann and Elizabeth A. Rolston, married Oct. 31, 1839 by John Keys, J.P.

Joel Elledge and Mrs. Lucinda Davis, married Dec. 10, 1839 by Urial Downy, J.P.

Henry Marshall and Barbara Arinhart, married Jan. 6, 1840 by David Myers, J.P.

Josiah L. Draper and Rachel C. Burton, married Jan. 9, 1840 by Jos. G. Scott, J.P.

Jackson Williams and Margaret Smith, married Jan. 2, 1840 by Reuben S. Spencer, J.P.

Thornton Hugs and Elizabeth Waggoner, Married Jan. 23, 1840 by Thos. McDow, J.P.

Jeremiah Panick and Evaline Fuller, married Jan. 26, 1840 by Joseph G. Scott, J.P.

Solomon Heter and Jane Giles, married Jan. 31, 1840 by Jos. Fowler, minister

Samuel Piper and Levina Rutherford, married Jan. 16, 1840 by U. Downy, J.P.

Hardin Rowdon and Lucretia George, married Feb. 2, 1840 by Reuben S. Spencer, J.P.

Robt. P. Murphy and Mary Ann Clark, married Feb. 20, 1840 by Amos Dodge, preacher

Abraham Borer and Cyntha E. Jonnessee, married March 1, 1840 by Geo. W. Lowder, J.P.

Isaac Harbert and Mrs. H. M. Shull, married April 24, 1840 by Joseph Fowler, minister

Richard Arnold and Jane Cowen, married April 8, 1840 by Geo. W. Lowder, J.P.

Christopher Hirchna and Elizabeth Thurston, married April 23, 1840 by Nathaniel Hamilton, J.P.

Aaron Wood and Nancy E. Phelps, married April 28, 1840 by Reuben S. Spencer, J.P.

Albertus Lofton and Lucinda Chappell, married March 12, 1840 by Thos. McDow, J.P.

John Parker and Mary Ann Chase, married May 21, 1840 by Thomas McDow, J.P.

Augustin Stralder and Polly Lance, married April 29, 1840 by J. Keys, J.P.

William Lee and Hily Dunham, married May 14, 1840 by David Myers, J.P.

David McFain and Mary Cooper, married June 18, 1840 by Geo. W. Lowder, J.P.

William Lavender and Margaret H. Little, married June 15, 1840 by David Myers, J.P.

Edward S. Atkinson and Sarah Rogers, married July 13, 1840 by Joseph Fowler, minister

Joseph Cope and Martha Bullard, married July 16, 1840 by N. Hamilton, J.P.

Perley Silloway and Harriet Wilkins, married May 28, 1840 by Joseph Crabb, J.P.

Stanford Moore and Eliza Watson, married July 26, 1840 by Geo. Hoffman, J.P.

Henry H. Cooper and Mrs. Mary Burrett, married Aug. 18, 1840 by Reuben Spencer, J.P.

Albert G. Minor and Abigail C. Tyler, married Aug. 13, 1840 by Geo. Hoffman, J.P.

George Stafford and Ann Elizabeth Cresswell, married Aug. 25, 1840 by Silas Crain, J.P.

Caleb Noble and Susannah E. Gillham, married Sept. 11, 1840 by William Jerome, minister

Vincent Martin and Lucinda Hughs, married Sept. 24, 1840 by Silas Crain, J.P.

Robert Williams and Martha Smith, married Oct. 1, 1840 by Reuben Spencer, J.P.

E. Miller and Judeth Amanda Winneford, married Oct. 2, 1840 by Amos P. Brown, minister

John Clifford and Hetty L. W. Van Hart, married April 15, 1840 by James Harriott, J.P.

William Rogers and Elizabeth Hamilton, married Oct. 15, 1840 by Moses Lemen, minister

Philip Darr and Mary E. Jonnessee, married Oct. 29, 1840 by Geo. W. Lowder, J.P.

James Anderson and Hannah Finney, married Nov. 5, 1840 by John Keys, J.P.

Thomas Smiril and Euphemia Dougherty, married Oct. 22, 1840 by William Jerome, minister

William P. Pitman and Mary Rogers, married Dec. 2, 1840 by W. S. McMurry, minister

Joseph Parker and Sarah Beeman, married Nov. 15, 1840 by Thos. McDow, J.P.

Samuel Ralston and Margaret Warren, married Dec. 3, 1840 by W. S. McMurry, minister

James Magee and Mary J. Bramlett, married Dec. 8, 1840 by Luke Lyons, minister

James Swain and Hannah Watley, married Dec. 13, 1840 by James Harriott, J.P.

Abram Rowdon and Tamelia Walden, married Dec. 17, 1840 by Thos. L. McGill, J.P.

John N. English and Elizabeth Ann Belt, married Dec. 17, 1840 by W. S. McMurry, minister

J. I. Hupp and Elizabeth P. Abraham, married Dec. 25, 1840 by W. S. McMurry, minister

William K. Miner and Mary Ann Sally, married Dec. 24, 1840 by Geo. Hoffman, J.P.

William W. Botkin and Susanna Simmons, married Dec. 10, 1840 by Henry Hewberry, minister

Hiram H. Adams and Elizabeth Hamilton, married Dec. 20, 1840 by David Myers, J.P.

The following persons were married in 1841:

Hiram English and Mary Ann Grimes, Jan 3, [1841] by Horatio N. Belt, J.P.

William Willis and altha Ann Carson, Jan. 7, [1841] by Thos. McDow, J.P.

Elisha H. Barton and Rebecca Lofton, Jan. 19, [1841] by Silas Crain, J.P.

Ephraim Carter and Elizabeth Seymore, Jan. 21, [1841] by Uriah Downey, J.P.

William Henry Frost and Rebecca Miner, Jan. 28, [1841] by Luke Lyons, minister

Samuel Turner and Sally Jane Spencer, Jan. 17, [1841] by Silas Crain, J.P.

William Hughs and Eunice Burley, Feb. 4, [1841] by Thos. McDow, J.P.

William Post and Hannah W. Calhoun, Feb. 4, [1841] by James Hartiott, J.P.

James H. Maupin and Maay Whisman, Feb. 4, [1841] by Geo. W. Lowden, J.P.

Herrend Gardner and Nancy Spangle, Feb. 11, [1841] by Thos. McDow, J.P.

William S. Wilson and Mary Ann Smalley, Feb. 14, [1841] by W. S. McMurry, minister

Hugh Rusk and Ellen Barr, Feb. 14, [1841] by R. S. Spencer, J.P.

David Kirkwood and Elizabeth Cowen, Feb. 18, [1841] by D. Myers, J.P.

Jonathan Plowman and Elizabeth Crull, March 4, [1841] by Silas Crain, J.P.

Dan’l K. Fitzgerald and Catharine M. Skeene, March 11, [1841] by William F. Jarrett, minister

Joseph Fowler and Eliza Ann Brown, March 23, [1841] by L. Lyons, minister

Joseph Brown and Annis Lee, March 30, [1841] by Horatio N. Belt, J.P.

William Millross and Maria Hobbs, April 8, [1841] by William Jerome, minister

Jackson Calfee and Martha Blalock, April 14, [1841] by Joseph Crabb, J.P.

James A. Goodrich and Esther Bush, April 22, [1841] by L. Lyons, minister

Philip R. Cook and Elizabeth Samson, May 23, [1841] by William Jerome, minister

David Waddle and Mrs. Esther Parker, June 23, [1841] by John Stafford, J.P.

David T. Bonnell and Sally Ann Kirby, June 3, [1841] by Luke Lyons, minister

Stephen Tunnell and Elizabeth Rice, June 12, [1841] by Joseph P. Tyler, J.P.

Cleland W. Curry and Eliza Springale, July 8, [1841] by Rev. Wm. Wilson

Milton Richey and Margaret Courts, July 4, [1841] by Silas Crain, J.P.

Felix Staggs and Mary Catlett, July 24, [1841] by Joseph Crabb, J.P.

Richard I. Simmons and Margaret Davis, Aug. 1, [1841] by Rev. W. S. McMurry

Jacob VanDike and Mrs. Sarah French, July 31, [1841] by Rev. W. S. McMurry

Wilson Davis and Margaret Arinspiger, Aug. 5, [1841] by Rev. C. I. Gardiner.

Joseph Beggs and Permiah Hinson, July 29, [1841] by Geo. W. Lowder, J.P.

Miles Misenhermer and Margaret F. Jarrett, Aug. 5, [1841] by Rev. Wm. F. Terrall

Vincent Lee and Prisilla Johnson, Aug. 30, [1841] by Geo. W. Lowder, J.P.

David Sego and Elizabeth Mankins, Sept. 7, [1841] by Geo. W. Lowder, J.P.

William B. Nevis and Laura Goodrich, Sept. 9, [1841] by Rev. Luke Lyons

John W. Farron and Caroline Pearson, Sept. 30, [1841] by Samuel Haycroft

Irvine White and Matilda Quigley, Oct. 3, [1841] by Sials Crain, J.P.

George Hoffman and Mary Ann Kollenborn, Sept. 30, [1841] by Joseph Crabb, J.P.

Benj C. Rhodes and Amanda Darr, Oct. 7, [1841] by Geo. H. Lowden, J.P.

Abraham Houser and Barbara A. Arinspiger, Oct. 14, [1841] by Rev. Elijah Dodson

Philip Pennington and Mary Ann Cummings, Oct. 10, [1841] by Rev. Elijah Dodson

William Chappell and Elizabeth Hooper, Nov. 7, [1841] by Geo. Hoffman, J.P.

Isaac Elledge and Winnefred A. Piper, Nov. 18, [1841] by Solomon Calhoun, J.P.

James Darr and Rachel Cowen, Nov. 21, [1841] by Geo. W. Lowder, J.P.

Richard J. Ely and Mrs. Sarah Grigsby, Nov. 27, [1841] by Rev. Elijah Dodson

William Kelley and Jane Miller, Dec. 9, [1841] by Rev. G. A. Hamilton

John Massey and Maria Brown, Dec. 9, [1841] by Rev. Jas. H. Dickins

Singular Pence and Sarah A. Winneford, Dec. 13, [1841] by Jas. A. Harriott

William M. Bailey and Mary Ann Parker, Dec. 16, [1841] by Rev. Luke Lyons

Jacob Rickey and Nancy Higgins, Dec. 16, [1841] by Thos. L. McGill, J.P.

Delavin D. Wilcox and Caroline E. Landon, Dec. 30, [1841] by Thos. L. McGill, J.P.

Henry Darlington and Marian Noble, Dec. 13, [1841] by Rev. William Jerome

John H. Whitlock and Emmaline Myers, Dec. 16, [1841] by Benj. Cleaver, J.P.

William Lewis and Sarah Smith, Dec. 21, [1841] by Rev. Henry Newberry


     The first deed relating to land lying within the present limits of Jersey county was recorded in Greene county on June 24, 1822. This warrantee deed bears the date of Feb. 7, 1822, and was made by John Evans and Ann Evans, his wife, to Davis Stockton, conveying to the latter the east half of the northeast quarter of section 11, and the west half of the northwest quarter of Sec. 12, T8 north, R12 west, containing 160 acres of land.
     The first mortgage recorded was given by Isaac Piggott to John Evans and was dated Feb. 16, 1826, and was for $800, the security being the west fraction of the southwest quarter of section 20, containing 53.63 acres; and the south fraction of the northeast quarter of section 30, containing 103.56; and the north fraction of the northeast quarter of section 33, containing 37.09 acres, all lying in T9 north, R13 west. The terms of this mortgaged were that it was to be paid with 100,000 feet of good, merchantable flooring plank, to be delivered by said Piggott, at the rate of 10,000 feet per year.

Town Plats

Jerseyville, laid out by John W. Lott, Edward M. Daley and Alexander H. Burrett, Oct. 1, 1834, and was surveyed by G. M. Richards. The plat was filed for record March 2, 1835.

Franklin, filed for record Aug. 11, 1836 by James L. Taylor.

Grafton, filed for record April 15, 1836 by Sarah Mason, guardian, by her attorney Perry Mason.

Upper Grafton, filed by David Pierson and Caleb Stone, May 2, 1836.

Fieldon, filed by Robert Terry Aug. 21, 1837.

New Philadelphia, filed for record by William B. Little Dec. 18, 1837.

Hartford, filed for record by Joseph Hawkins, W. B. Canby and Levi Church October 30, 1837.

Rome, filed for record by Jay Daggett, laid out by him Nov. 7, 1838.

Fidelity, filed for record June 1850, Joseph Russell, proprietor.

Elsah, filed for record by James Semple, March 7, 1853, and amended plat filed March 4, 1664 [sic 1864?]

Newbern, filed for record Jan. 10, 1867 by I. F. Gillham, Marcus Gillham, John Chambers, Jr., and Enoch Briggs.

Otterville, filed for record Nov. 20, 1867 by the trustees of Hamilton seminary, Baptist and Cumberland Presbyterian churches.

Delhi, filed for record June 5, 1868 by Sarah A. Lurton, Joseph N. Lurton, Jacob M. Early, Caroline S. Early, William A. Scott and Sarah A. Scott.

Kemper, recorded November 9, 1879, W. H. H. Kemper, proprietor.

Nelson, filed by T. J. Campbell, Dec. 1, 1880.

Dow, filed by John H. McDow and Medora A. McDow, Oct. 18, 1883.

Howe (now McClusky), filed for record by Hiram and Mary A. McClusky, July 21, 1883.

Jersey County Page     Jersey County History
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