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Groom Marriage Index Book Four – L


Groom Bride Date Verified by
LADD, David F. JACKSON, Olivia A. 7 Oct 1946 MAXTON, David B. MG
LADD, John BOLES, Addie MRS. 16 Apr 1951 POOLE, Laverne S. MG
LAGEMAN, Charles N. WATERS, Mary O. 21 May 1949 HARMON, Dale MG
LAGEMANN, James Jr. HAYES, Mildred Lucilla 18 Feb 1950 HARMON, Dale MG
LAKE, Pearl Wesley CHARLESWORTH, Marie MRS 21 Feb 1955 SELF, John S. CJ
LAMARSH, Edward L. ROBERSON, Norma L. 22 Jun 1946 NEAL, Harry E. MG
LAMB, Henry WALZ, Ruth 9 Jun 1956 STICKNEY, W. D. MG
LAMM, Joseph B. MILLER, Edythe P. MRS 22 May 1957 TODD, Leonard F. MG
LANCASTER, Daniel M. REDDEN, Geraldine MRS. 5 Jun 1947 HANLEY, William F. CJ
LANDON, Howard A. L. McCLARY, Carolyn Sue 26 Nov 1960 McCLARY, Raymond MG
LANDON, Roy R. LING, Roberta Ann 16 May 1948 WICKER, Howard MG
LANE, Charles H. MASHBURN, Ann G. 12 Jul 1958 HEINEN, P. P. CP
LANE, Clyde L. STOTLER, Doris M. 13 Nov 1948 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
LANE, David Leroy STARNER, Irma Dean 19 May 1951 POOLE, Laverne S. MG
LANE, Delbert LANE, Kathleen 7 Mar 1947 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
LANE, Roger Ralph SEARS, Shirley Louise 30 Apr 1961 LOAR, Alton E. MG
LANGLEY, Hal W. HALL, Hazel M. 6 Sep 1947 VINZ, Arthur A. MG
LANGLEY, Hal Wayne THAXTON, Zella Eileen 28 Mar 1954 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
LARATTA, Joseph A. DRULARD, Doris 7 May 1955 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
LARMER, Peter LEONARD, Dawn 13 Nov 1954 MILLARD, George E. MG
LASHBROOK, George Clarence SMITH, Stella Mae 2 May 1958 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
LAUBSCHER, Herbert L. GOEWEY, Jessie 2 Nov 1949 HANLEY, William F. CJ
LAUBSCHER, Herbert Luther CORNELIUS, Mary Eloise 25 Jun 1950 BROOKMAN, L. O. MG
LAVEY, Donald Richard DUNHAM, Mary Faye 29 Dec 1954 MERZDOLF, John MG
LAVEY, R. Donald MOORE, Dorothy 21 Oct 1948 HEINEN, Paul CP
LAWDER, William SHEPPARD, Leola MRS. 22 May 1953 SELF, John S. CJ
LAWLER, William HEIDERSCHEID, Marjorie 1 Dec 1951 GRIFFIN, Eugene CP
LAWRENCE, Melvin J. CASON, Naomi L. 4 Sep 1948 GRIFFIN, Eugene F. CP
LAWSON, Robert W. WHITLOCK, Wilda B. 25 Sep 1959 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
LEACH, Ray KYRO, Rose 28 Oct 1950 HANLEY, William F. CJ
LEBEQUE, Lester SCHEFFEL, Janet Kay 24 Mar 1961 LOAR, Alton E. MG
LEGATE, Marlo C. MILLER, Margaret Jane 23 Nov 1951 SONDERS, Edward E. MG
LEGATE, Oran E. LUKE, Janet 21 Jun 1953 BOCK, Gerald M. MG
LEGATE, Oran E. KLEIN, Mary Jane 31 Dec 1956 BROWN, Robert MG
LEGATE, Wayne COPE, Dorothy 9 Feb 1946 HUBER, Louis V. MG
LEHR, Eugene Walter DAVIDSON, Mary Lou 23 Dec 1948 HEINEN, P. P. CP
LEINKUHLER, Francis H. GORDON, Esther N. 31 May 1951 POOLE, Laverne S. MG
LEKOSKY, Alan F. SCHAFER, Judy 2 Oct 1959 DICKEY, Earl MG
LENINGTON, Leon STRINGER, Phyllis 13 Jan 1958 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
LENNON, John Joseph HANLEY, Genieve Theresa 12 Aug 1950 HEINEN, P. P. CP
LEONARD, Robert Gerald DAVIS, Kaye Elizabeth 18 Dec 1948 GILL, John G. MG
LESTER, Jessie KAPPLER, Edith 1 Nov 1952 SELF, John S. CJ
LEWIS, Robert Dudley McDONALD, Dee Ann 14 Jun 1960 ROBERTSON, John P. MG
LEWIS, William Harris SCHAAF, Ida Jane 27 Apr 1951 HANLEY, William F. CJ
LIEBIG, Anthony PAYNE, Mary 4 Aug 1950 HANLEY, William F. CJ
LIFFETS, Kenneth E. TONSOR, Helen Marie 9 Jul 1960 RATHGEB, Leonard CP
LIGHT, Robert G. PARKER, Patricia Ruth 15 Jun 1957 BREED, M. Edwards MG
LIKES, Frank A. STONE, Loretta A. 30 Sep 1955 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
LILES, James Lee KIMBLE, Violet L. 24 Dec 1960 ROWLAND, Arthur P. MG
LINENFELSER, Alfred L. NARUP, Loretta 27 Nov 1954 RATHGEB, Leonard CP
LINENFELSER, Roger Frank DUNN, Gladys Lee 24 Nov 1956 COOP, W. A. Jr. JP
LINN, Thomas M. LYNN, Esther E. 29 May 1947 HARMON, Dale MG
LIRA, Joseph A. MOORE, Patricia Joann 6 Jan 1960 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
LITTLE, Willard M. CORNELIUS, Mary Lou 30 Dec 1950 THATCHER, Arthur JP
LITTLETON, Ross Lee CHAPPELL, Dorothy Irene 12 Apr 1951 SCHWARZLOSE, F. W. MG
LOCK, Thomas A. GOEWAY, Mary Katherine 4 Nov 1957 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
LOCKYER, Edgar James RHINE, Cleda K. 5 Jan 1950 GROTEY, Gerald H. MG
LOELLKE, Charles A. ROTH, Theresa M. 28 Nov 1957 HEINEN, Paul P. CP
LOGAN, Russell F. STARR, Mary Louise 31 Jan 1946 HUBER, Louis V. MG
LOHSE, Lester Frank FRUMAN, Juanita L. 21 Mar 1960 LANE, Harold MG
LOLLEY, Titus C. STONE, Patricia 20 Jun 1959 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
LOMBARD, John C. BRANDT, Dorothy M. 9 Jun 1946 TRECKEY, R. R. MG
LONG, Anderson J. Jr. LONG, Alice MRS. 11 Sep 1954 THATCHER, Arthur JP
LONG, Frank S. BATTERSHELL, Linda Sue 7 Jun 1958 SMITH, Jesse E. MG
LONG, James Donald MEDLOCK, Dell Josephine 7 Aug 1950 DALE, R. L. MG
LONG, Morris EISLER, Lulu Belle 27 Jun 1953 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
LONG, Paul E. FERRIS, Nettie M. 16 Feb 1946 MAXTON, David B. MG
LONG, Paul Myron KRAUS, Theresa Pauline 30 Jul 1960 LANE, Harold E. MG
LONG, Ralph D. HUFF, Hazel M. 3 Apr 1954 THOMAS, M. J. MG
LONG, Ray John Jr. KRUEGER, Phyllis Ann 13 Jun 1959 ARMSTRONG, H. MG
LONG, Spencer Olin DOUGLAS, Mary Katherine 19 Dec 1959 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
LONG, Walter Jr. FREESMEYER, Shirley 20 Nov 1953 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
LONG, William M. FOX, Dorline W. 10 Jan 1948 GRIFFIN, Eugene F. CP
LOOPER, Carl CLARK, Janet MRS. 5 Aug 1946 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
LOOPER, Donald Ray RUSSELL, Sharon Yvonne 4 Apr 1959 LOAR, Alton MG
LOOPER, Elmer WHITE, Frances MRS 13 Jul 1958 LOAR, Alton E. MG
LORSBACH, John Jr. STECKEL, Veronica Joan 2 Feb 1957 HORN, Cornelius R. CP
LORTON, George Jr. DUNN, Melba Jean 29 Apr 1950 GRIFFIN, Eugene CP
LOUMEYER, Harmon William NUGENT, Nellie Wahl 26 Jul 1949 SONDERS, Edward E. MG
LOWDER, Douglas SIMPSON, Evelyn 10 May 1949 HANLEY, William F. CJ
LOWDER, Ray E. LLOYD, Doris E. 12 Oct 1946 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
LOY, James E. BAKER, Hazel Lucille 24 Dec 1959 DICKEY, Earl W. MG
LOY, John Thurman GROSS, Cecile Marie 19 Feb 1956 THATCHER, Arthur JP
LOY, John W. RICHEY, Dorothy 6 Nov 1952 THATCHER, Arthur JP
LOY, Louis GRAY, Dorothy 29 Dec 1952 THATCHER, Arthur JP
LOY, Oliver Jr. RYDER, Elizabeth 9 Aug 1955 KEELER, Paul MG
LUCE, Wilbert H. JOHNSON, Mary Alice 4 Jul 1948 HAMILTON, Owen H. MG
LUCKING, Lester W. OLDENETTEL, Margaret Louise 28 Oct 1951 SCHWARZLOSE, F. W. MG
LUEHHDER, Elvin BAILEY, Helen MRS 6 Jun 1959 LOAR, Alton MG
LUEKER, George Jr. MORGAN, Betty Lou 2 Feb 1957 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
LUKER, Leslie G. OSBURN, Shirley Patricia 2 Jul 1955 COURTNEY, Avery MG
LYLES, Harry R. BURCH, Alice 7 Jun 1953 MERZDOLF, John MG
LYLES, James Leo BRIGGS, Barbara Alice 22 Oct 1960 LOAR, Alton E. MG
LYLES, James Thomas BRIGGS, Mary Marcella 25 Jun 1961 LOAR, Alton E. MG
LYLES, Lloyd L. Jr. CHAPPELL, Caryl J. 7 May 1955 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
LYNN, Paul WILKERSON, Wilma 29 Aug 1953 McCLAIN, Melvin D. MG
LYNN, Walter Marion WALKER, Florence Elzorea 2 May 1958 MOORE, J. Dan MG
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