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Groom Marriage Index Book Four – E


Groom Bride Date Verified by
EADS, Keith E. FRANK, Nellie M. 22 Oct 1954 THATCHER, Arthur JP
EARLEY, Larry Edward HYMAN, Diana Odessa 27 Dec 1959 HOLWARZ, Carl MG
EARLY, Lindell Von Dell LANE, Glenda Mae 3 Jun 1951 SCHWARZLOSE, F. W. MG
EAST, Vernon NARUP, Rosalie 2 Jul 1949 HEINEN, P. P. CP
EAST, William E. HARTING, Dorothy A. 27 Nov 1947 HEINEN, P. P. CP
EASTER, Harold SHETTLE, Audrey 28 Jul 1946 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
EASTER, Tom L. THOMAS, Flossie L. 17 Apr 1948 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
EASTHAM, Robert L. MEDLOCK, Virginia E. 1 May 1948 VINZ, Arthur A. MG
ECCLES, John Kerby JACOBS, Pricilla Anne 28 Nov 1954 THOMAS, M. J. MG
ECCLES, John Kirby JACOBS, Priscilla Anne 8 Apr 1955 BREED, Edwards M. MG
EDINGER, Don Leon MULHANEY, Arleen Kathryn 13 Jan 1956 THATCHER, Arthur JP
EDWARDS, Dale SCHELL, Roberta D. 6 Jun 1959 SHEA, R. T. CP
EGELHOFF, Clarence Charles FEYERABEND, Virginia Lucille 9 Apr 1948 HUBER, Louis V. MG
EGELHOFF, Frederick L. KLUNK, Doris Marie 14 Oct 1961 HEINEN, P. P. CP
EGELHOFF, Rodger L. FINKDDEY, Ann Morgan 20 Aug 1955 SOHMANN, A. M. MG
EICHEN, Harold Douglas GREELING, Marjoria Dill 11 Jun 1949 HARMON, Dale MG
EISLER, Robert L. DABBS, Mary Lou 1 Jan 1953 BREED, M. Edwards MG
EKISS, Robert W. LYNN, Dorothy L. 2 Oct 1948 HEINEN, Paul CP
ELLERBROCK, Peter V. MELGREEN, Bernice MRS 30 Jan 1956 DICKEY, Earl W. MG
ELLIOTT, Bert A. MARTIN, Willis E. 3 Sep 1946 VINZ, Arthur A. MG
ELLIOTT, Herman ROGERS, Charlotte 21 Dec 1956 WILLIAMS, Samuel MG
ELLIOTT, Ivan HAMONDS, Louvene 21 Dec 1956 WILLIAMS, Samuel MG
ELLIOTT, Morris RICHEY, Doris 4 Mar 1951 HAMILTON, Owen H. MG
ELLIS, Arthur SLAUGHTER, Lois 4 Apr 1949 HANLEY, William F. CJ
ELMORE, Earl PREBLE, Evelyn Hegger 13 Jan 1946 VINZ, Arthur A. MG
ELMORE, Robert S. MITCHELL, Jo Ann 25 Dec 1952 HARMON, Dale MG
ELSNER, David H. CHRONISTER, Frances L. 20 Jun 1946 THATCHER, Arthur JP
ELY, Herbert L. CORNELIUS, Rose Ellen 6 Jun 1953 HARDEN, Ernest G. MG
EMERICK, Roger L. DWYER, Juanita W. 9 Oct 1955 SCHWARZLOSE, F. W. MG
EMERSON, Albert Courtney ZOLLER, Althea Marie L. 29 May 1947 HUBER, Louis V. MG
EMERY, Eugene Howell BISHOP, Mary Lois 14 Mar 1961 THATCHER, Arthur JP
EMERY, William T. WHITLEY, Virginia M. 1 Sep 1947 HEINEN, P. P. CP
EMMONS, George Bryan REDENBO, Pearl Jane 16 Dec 1960 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
ENDALY, Einfred B. CHARICE, Tina M. 19 Apr 1952 BREED, M. Edwards MG
ENGLAND, Frank ENGLAND, Nancy 24 Oct 1949 HANLEY, William F. CJ
ENNIS, Herbert MORRIS, Ada 23 Oct 1954 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
ENNIS, Herbert Henry GRAFF, Lillian 11 Sep 1953 BUNNAGE, Nelson MG
ENOCHS, Joseph Galen TALLEY, Rosetta Maria 4 Feb 1958 HALE, R. H. MG
ENTWISTLE, James Mathew KALLAL, Genieve R. 14 Apr 1951 CLANCY, John J. CP
ERWIN, Floyd ATTEBERRY, Norma 21 Nov 1953 THATCHER, Arthur JP
ERWIN, Norman GARRISON, Florence Catherine MRS 19 Apr 1958 RATHGRB, Leonard CP
ESSARY, Joe D. HATCHER, Anabel 15 Apr 1952 BREED, M. Edwards MG
ESTES, Michael David O”NEIL, Sharon K. 17 Oct 1960 BREED, M. Edwards MG
ESTOP, Preston Wayne PLAYER, Sallie Lee 30 Apr 1959 BARNES, W. R. JP
ESTRANDA, Hector Rafael BECHTOLD, Catherine Helen 12 Apr 1958 RATHGEB, Leonard CP
ETHRIDGE, Lee DOWDY, Josephine 9 Jun 1955 SCHWARZLOSE, F. W. MG
EVANCHO, Steve E. MILLER, Margaret 17 Jan 1959 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
EVANS, Charles Eldon GANSZ, Mary Jane 16 Feb 1960 EVANS, Claude MG
EVANS, Raymond H. FULLER, Erma Louise 7 Nov 1959 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
EVANS, Richard FORD, Bessie 11 Aug 1951 POOLE, Laverne S. MG
EVANS, Robert F. FERGUSON, Marjorie S. 15 Nov 1958 CLAGG, Earl G. MG
EVANS, Robert Lowell KAPPLER, Esther Louise 24 Dec 1955 WALLACE, J. Dallas MG
EVERING, Hubert SEEMAN, Lillian 3 Sep 1946 THATCHER, Arthur JP
EWIN, John E. SEEGER, Frances K. 4 Oct 1958 DAVIS, Wm. Ellis MG
EYERS, John W. HEALEY, Juanita L. 13 Jun 1946 VINZ, Arthur A. MG
EYMAN, Ralph Lee MAY. Lenora 11 Nov 1961 BREED, M. Edwards MG
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