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Bride Marriage Index Book Four – C


Groom Bride Date Verified by
RHOADES, Russell Earl CADMUS, Wilma Jean 30 Sep 1960 CALLISON, Robert W. MG
WHEELER, James W. CAIN, Barbara A. 22 Oct 1954 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
BAKER, Norman Henry CAIN, Erma Jean 3 Sep 1955 KEELER, Paul MG
DAVENPORT, James David CAIN, Geraldine Marie 25 Apr 1959 RUSSELL, Olwea MG
STONE, Leon S. CAIRNS, Bonnie Lou 3 Dec 1949 STRATTON, Russell MG
KRUEGER, Harold Jr. CAIRNS, Helen 4 Aug 1946 MATHENIA, James O. MG
GODFREY, Charles A. CALLAHAN, Ellen L. MRS 11 Jan 1958 SHEEHY, Richard CP
BOUILLON, H. Melvin CALVERT, Loretta Irene 8 Jul 1949 SEAGO, S. R. MG
BRIGGS, Morris Ronald CALVERT, Mary Lois 31 Dec 1959 LOAR, Alton MG
CARPUNKY, William E. CALVIN, Addie MRS. 4 Jul 1947 HARMON, Dale MG
MEREDITH, William Leo CALVIN, Marjorie Marcella 2 Apr 1949 HANLEY, William F. CJ
PIPER, Paul O. CALVIN, Mary Louise 3 Oct 1959 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
REEF, Albert P. CAMBRON, Patricia J. 14 Apr 1961 LANE, Harold E. MG
JONES, William Albert CAMBRON, Pauline Frances 14 Apr 1961 LANE, Harold E. MG
STECKEL, Kenneth A. CAMERER, Betty June 1 Feb 1947 MAXTON, David B. MG
DELP, Joe D. CAMERER, Bona J. 30 Aug 1958 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
HOYT, Milton CAMERER, Helen 5 Mar 1949 HARMON, Dale MG
TANNER, Robert Francis CAMERER, Irma Jean 26 Jan 1950 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
GRIESEMER, C. Wilbur CAMERER, Kathryn 24 Apr 1948 NEASE, Harry E. MG
GOODMAN, Harold Lee CAMERER, Lois Maxine 7 May 1949 GROTEY, Gerald H. MG
STREB, James E. CAMERER, Loraine 21 Feb 1953 SELF, John S. CJ
ALBRECHT, Edward Alphonse CAMPBELL, Beverly Jean 26 Apr 1950 HEINEN, P. P. CP
ROTHE, Charles L. CAMPBELL, Dolores 21 Dec 1946 ROBERTS, L. C. MG
FRITZ, Paul E. CAMPBELL, Dorothy I. 9 May 1948 HARMON, Dale MG
YOUNG, Philip Theodore CAMPION, Julia Alice 13 Apr 1949 STOERKER, J. Winfred MG
WALLACE, David L. CANNON, Lois Joann 3 Apr 1948 SHEEHY, Michael CP
DOYLE, Donnie L. CANTER, Mary 22 May 1946 THATCHER, Arthur JP
HUNT, Charles Douglas CANTRELL, Mavis Merle 1 Dec 1956 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
BRAINERD, William E. CARGILL, Amy E. 25 Dec 1951 FISH, Harry Mason MG
HUNTER, Louis Lee CARPUNKY, Mary Lou 7 Dec 1957 DICKEY, Earl W. MG
KING, Grover Dale CARR, Lucy Viola 4 Feb 1949 GILL, Mason JP
WILLIAMS, Harold C. CARR, Nedia Lucilla 11 Sep 1948 THATCHER, Arthur JP
CLENDENEN, Glen CARREIRA, Shirley 26 Apr 1951 THATCHER, Arthur JP
DARR, Floyd Eugene CARROLL, Sylvia Rose 24 Oct 1953 THOMAS, M. J. MG
HOYT, Frederick M. Jr. CARSON, Betty Lucille 12 Aug 1951 LILLARD, John T. MG
BLACKORBY, Herman Jr. CARSTENS, Luella 26 Aug 1946 VINZ, Arthur A. MG
HEITZIG, John David CARSTENS, Mary Helen 4 Nov 1961 MAUL. Wm. R. CP
MERCER, Fred CARTER, Mildred L. 3 May 1947 HARMON, Dale MG
KUEBRICH, John H. CARTER, Roberta 9 Feb 1959 HEINEN, P. P. CP
GUNTERMAN, Roy CASE, Flossie M. 28 Jun 1958 LOAR, Alton E. MG
LAWRENCE, Melvin J. CASON, Naomi L. 4 Sep 1948 GRIFFIN, Eugene F. CP
RIESS, Lester L. CASTLEMAN, Lottie M. MRS. 17 Apr 1954 SELF, John S. Co. Judge
RULON, Charles L. CATES, Charlotte I. 29 Sep 1951 FRESEN, Edward H. MG
FRANZ, Kenneth E. CATES, Dottie J. 6 Aug 1952 SAUERWEIN, Benjamin W. MG
DUFF, Crystal I. CATES, Geraldine 30 Nov 1946 MAXTON, David B. MG
ARNOLD, Paul W. CATES, Patsy E. 28 Sep 1956 SHEEHY, Michael CP
CHAPPELL, Donald C. CATT, Mary Catherine 13 Jun 1959 SHORTAL, James CP
GRIZZLE, Chester CHAMBERS, Elizabeth 14 Sep 1957 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
DAVIS, George L. CHAMBERS, Mary J. 11 Aug 1948 MAXTON, David B. MG
MEYER, Fred E. CHANDLER, Gail Elizabeth 30 Mar 1957 BREED, M. Edwards MG
BEIERMANN, Gerald E. CHAPIN, Shirley 19 Feb 1959 SHAE, R. T. CP
STEVENS, Roy H. CHAPMAN, Laura Ellen MRS. 5 Apr 1953 MOSES, Leroy JP
RUE, Robert John CHAPMAN, Marie Geraldine 11 Jan 1947 MAXTON, David B. MG
BOPP, Gerald D. CHAPMAN, Shirley B. MRS. 28 Jan 1956 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
WOOLSEY, Rodney W. CHAPMAN, Tenill Ann 3 Jun 1960 HOLWERDA, Carl MG
LYLES, Lloyd L. Jr. CHAPPELL, Caryl J. 7 May 1955 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
LITTLETON, Ross Lee CHAPPELL, Dorothy Irene 12 Apr 1951 SCHWARZLOSE, F. W. MG
BEIERMANN, Christopher J. CHAPPELL, Dorothy MRS. 14 Nov 1953 SELF, John CJ
WARNER, William Russell CHAPPELL, Ruth Marie 23 Jul 1949 HARMON, Dale MG
ENDALY, Einfred B. CHARICE, Tina M. 19 Apr 1952 BREED, M. Edwards MG
LAKE, Pearl Wesley CHARLESWORTH, Marie MRS 21 Feb 1955 SELF, John S. CJ
BARTELS, Loren C. CHAROW, Janice Kay 10 Jun 1961 MAUL, William CP
KOWAL, Domytro CHAROW, Mary MRS. 22 Jul 1954 SELF, John S. Co. Judge
AMES, Donald Everett CHEW, Shirley Mae MRS. 24 Aug 1954 SELF, John S. CJ
DRURY, Charles A. III CHRISTEN, Elsie Mae 19 Feb 1955 SCHWARZLOSE, F. W. MG
DRURY, Charles A. III CHRISTEN, Elsie Mae 19 Feb 1955 SCHWARZLOSE, F. W. MG
ELSNER, David H. CHRONISTER, Frances L. 20 Jun 1946 THATCHER, Arthur JP
GRIFFITH, Joseph Hamilton Jr. CHURCH, Adele Sybil ? 15 Oct 1947 HUBER, Louis V. MG
WATSON, Milton L. CHURCH, Ida Mae 14 Feb 1953 BROWN, Robert F. MG
PRESLEY, Harry Frank CHURCH, Mary Frances 19 Mar 1955 THATCHER, Arthur JP
COMPTON, Robert Ernest CLANNEY, Ardith Elaine 7 Apr 1951 SONDERS, Edward E. MG
COMPTON, Francis Joseph CLANNEY, Beulah Jewel 5 May 1951 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
LOOPER, Carl CLARK, Janet MRS. 5 Aug 1946 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
BROWN, Ambrose P. CLARK, Nettie Mae 15 Aug 1948 VINZ, Arthur A. MG
MUNSTERMAN, Richard CLARK, Rosemary 21 Aug 1954 CLANCY, John J. CP
ANTROBUS, Thomas Edward CLARKSON, Helen Bernice 5 May 1956 THATCHER, Arther JP
BAKER, Monty Ferris CLARKSON, Helen Bernice 27 Oct 1954 SCHWARZLOSE, F. W. MG
FESTER, Fred CLARKSON, Margaret L. 24 Oct 1953 SCHWARZLOSE, F. W. MG
CARROLL, Floyd CLAYTON, Dolores I. MRS 17 Mar 1956 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
RYDER, Thornton E. CLEAVER, Lula MRS 22 Jun 1955 SELF, Johns S. CJ
CLENDENNY, Eugene CLENDENNY, Louise 19 Apr 1959 LYELL, Leroy MG
DAVIS, Martin CLIFFORD, Maxine E. 10 Dec 1951 BREED, M. Edwards MG
HINSON, Estel W. CLINE, Dores Mae 13 May 1946 MAXTON, David B. MG
WANICK, Robert Harold CLORE, Mary E. 18 Jul 1960 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
BLAZA, Wilbur E. CLOSSER, Betty Jo 25 Sep 1955 BUNNAGE, Nelson MG
KELLY, Harold W. COATNEY, Blanche 17 Dec 1954 THATCHER, Arthur JP
KUELBS, Fred H. COATNEY, L. Margaret 9 Sep 1961 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
HOLWECK, Frank Joseph CODY, Lillian Wilhelinia MRS 29 Jan 1957 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
MONROE, Ray H. COGILL, Elizabeth Jane 29 May 1959 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
HEITZIG, Joseph E. COLLENBERGER, Frances L. 28 Feb 1948 CLANCY, J. J. CP
HEITZIG, William J. Jr. COLLENS, Wilma E. 4 Feb 1956 CLANCEY, John J. CP
GRESS, William R. COLLINS, Margaret E. 5 Nov 1955 CLANCY, John J. CP
FOSTER, Roy COLLINS, Marian 26 Oct 1949 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
TUCKER, Gales M. COMBS, Etta L. 29 Jun 1946 THATCHER, Arthur JP
MAIN, Gerald D. COMPTON, Nancy M. 2 Aug 1952 POOLE, Laverne S. MG
COPE, Clyde W. CONE, Betty Lou F. 23 Jul 1950 GROTEY, Gerald H. MG
GOODALL, Clyde F. CONE, Virginia M. 28 Feb 1948 THATCHER, Arthur JP
TRACY, William L. CONKLIN, Marjorie B. 3 Nov 1951 HEINEN, P. P. CP
SCHERTZ, Joseph William Jr. CONKLIN, Mary W. 9 Feb 1946 HEINEN, P. P. CP
SCHMEIDER, Carl CONNALLY, Ellen 22 Nov 1958 SHEA, Terry CP
ABELN, John C. CONNER, Frances M. ? 24 Dec 1947 VINZ, Arthur A. MG
MILLER, Stephen Corbet COOKSEY, Doris Louise 23 Sep 1961 HEINEN, P. P. CP
GODAR, Cecil T. COONRAD, Elizabeth J. 21 Nov 1959 RATHGEB, Leonard CP
HAYDEN, Karl O. COONROD, Genevieve A. 8 Jun 1946 MAXTON, David B. MG
REECE, Albert COONROD, Violet 12 Sep 1953 THATCHER, Arthur JP
KIRBACK, Kenneth M. COOPER, Linda Louise 8 Apr 1961 HEINEN, P. P. CP
THURSTON, Richard Lee COPE, Betty Marie 25 Apr 1948 HEINEN, P. P. CP
PHILLIPS, Delbert L. COPE, Doris J. 26 Nov 1960 LOAR, Alton E. MG
OSMOND, Merrill Lewis COPE, Doris Jean 6 Aug 1950 GROTEY, Gerald H. MG
LEGATE, Wayne COPE, Dorothy 9 Feb 1946 HUBER, Louis V. MG
BURCH, Robert Lee COPE, Frances Ann 23 Mar 1952 TODD, Leonard F. MG
MOZIER, Harold E. COPE, Marcella K. 3 Jul 1948 MAXTON, David B. MG
DUNSE, Charles H. COPE, Muriel V. 23 Dec 1949 HANLEY, William F. CJ
DEVERGER, Judson C. COPE, Nellie Marie 5 Jan 1948 FRESEN, Edward H. MG
RICHARDS, Robert COPE, Zelish J. 3 Sep 1949 CALE, John W. MG
LAUBSCHER, Herbert Luther CORNELIUS, Mary Eloise 25 Jun 1950 BROOKMAN, L. O. MG
LITTLE, Willard M. CORNELIUS, Mary Lou 30 Dec 1950 THATCHER, Arthur JP
ELY, Herbert L. CORNELIUS, Rose Ellen 6 Jun 1953 HARDEN, Ernest G. MG
DEPENDAHL, Robert CORNELIUS, Virginia 24 Oct 1954 BROWN, Robert F. MG
HOOPER, George Robert CORY, Katherine Elizabeth MRS 27 Aug 1955 BROWN, Robert F. MG
CHRISTEN, Everett M. COSLEY, Elizabeth P. 10 Jan 1948 HEINEN, P. P. CP
READY, James Thomas COUNTS, Wanda Fay 23 Jul 1956 BROWN, Robert F. MG
PROUGH, Gordon COURTNEY, Martha 16 Sep 1959 LYELL, Leroy MG
COX, Harold E. COX, E. Eileen MRS 20 Sep 1957 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
DANIELS, Earl COX, Ethel 11 Aug 1953 WALLACE, J. Dallas MG
AKERS, Nicholas Henry COX, Frances Pauline 2 Dec 1948 MAXTON, David B. MG
OBERLANDER, William COX, Kay Frances 10 Oct 1958 LYELL, Leroy MG
SCHAAKE, Eldon Dale COX, Linda Rae Jean 25 Nov 1961 LANE, Harold E. MG
GODAR, Jerome COX, Regina C. 29 Sep 1959 SHEEHY, Michael CP
KIRCHNER, John Otis COX, Ruby 5 Apr 1946 MATHENIA, James O. MG
SCHEIDER, Fred O. COX, Ruth L. 21 Jun 1953 FOLTZ, M. C. MG
ALLEN, James Richard CRADER, Audrey 1 Apr 1952 CLANCY, John J. CP
GROVER, Norman CRADER, Zelora 14 Apr 1950 HARMON, Dale MG
SULLIVAN, Walter Arnold CRAIG, Violet Della 5 Aug 1950 STRATTON, Russell MG
ZUMWALT, Cecil S. CRAIGMILES, Anita 21 May 1948 HANLEY, William F. CJ
CRAIN, William J. CRAIN, Pansey P. 22 Dec 1961 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
HILLIG, Robert L. CRAINE, Oleta I. 7 Sep 1958 CHAMBERS, E. B. MG
CUMMINGS, Donald CRAVENS, Dallis May 10 Feb 1951 OTTWELL, Harold L. MG
GRIFFEN, Lawrence CRAVENS, Isa 5 Apr 1961 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
SURATT, Melvin Jr. CRAVENS, Mary 5 Jan 1958 HALE, R. W. MG
BURCH, Thomas Lee CRAVENS, Shirley Ramona 22 Jan 1956 MANCHESTER, Lowell MG
GARST, Clarence A. CRAWFORD, Edna D. MRS 11 Aug 1956 MOMAN, Carl C. MG
KALLAL, Wm. Joseph CRAWFORD, Janet Lee 6 May 1961 HEINEN, P. P. CP
FOSTER, William CRAWFORD, Joan 1 Oct 1949 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
BRAY, Robert Lewis CRAWFORD, Joy Jeanette 26 Nov 1955 HEINEN, P. P. CP
BROWN, Raymond CRESSWELL, Peggy 11 Jul 1959 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
ALLEN, Thomas Michael CRITCHFIELD, Sandra Faye 11 Feb 1961 SHEEHY, Michael CP
McAFEE, Allen H. CROTCHETT, Joan 28 Jun 1956 THATCHER, Arthur JP
CUNNINGHAM, Robert L. CRULL, Myrtle Phyllis 1 Apr 1951 HYSEL, J. L. MG
BARNES, James Llewellyn CRUNK, Earlene Mae 29 May 1947 MACKELDEN, C. A. Min.
GILL, Robert Mason CUELLAR, Irene Agatha 17 Apr 1949 MAXTON, David Bruce MG
DUGAN, Harold Wayne CUELLAR, Juanita Alice 23 Dec 1954 BREED, M. Edwards MG
YOUNG, Estel CUMMINGS, Alberta 2 Aug 1946 BARNES, W. R. JP
SHAW, Roscoe Howard CUMMINGS, Claudia Eugenia 8 Feb 1950 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
CUMMINGS, Leo E. CUMMINGS, Dorothy 23 Aug 1947 HANLEY, William F. CJ
REMSHARDT, James CUMMINGS, Lois 14 Jun 1952 BOCK, Gerald M. MG
RETHERFORD, Charles L. Jr. CUMMINGS, Mable L. 26 Dec 1947 THATCHER, Arthur JP
TRAVERS, Eugene F. CUMMINGS, Margie Ellen 22 Jul 1961 MAUL, Wm. R. CP
WAGENBLAST, Walter L. CUMMINGS, Marilyn C. 21 Jun 1958 SHEA, R. T. CP
BUCK, Eugene H. CUNNINGHAM, Alma B. 10 Mar 1948 THATCHER, Arthur JP
RUEBLING, John Charles CUNNINGHAM, Carol June 15 Aug 1959 COOP, Harry A. Jr. JP
HAGEN, Herman B. CUNNINGHAM, Christine 16 Jul 1949 CLANCY, John J. CP
ALEXANDER, Charles CUNNINGHAM, Clara Roberta 19 Jul 1957 DICKEY, Earl W. MG
HAZELWANDER, Frank Jr. CUNNINGHAM, Guyla 17 Dec 1958 THATCHER, Arthur JP
WHITTEN, Wilborn Otis CUNNINGHAM, Helen Roberta 10 Apr 1947 HANLEY, William F. CJ
MEDFORD, George Leroy CUNNINGHAM, Mary Elizabeth 29 Jun 1952 HEINEN, P. P. CP
WALLACE, Raymond V. CUNNINGHAM, Wanda 30 Oct 1953 CHAPMAN, Leonard MG
RUYLE, Lewis Leroy CUNNINGHAM, Wilma Jean 9 Sep 1950 SCHWARZLOSE, F. W. MG
STREBEL, William A. CURNUTT, Leona MRS. 29 Aug 1951 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
GRISHAM, Charles William CURTIS, Dorothy Irene 24 Aug 1949 THATCHER, Arthur JP
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