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Groom Marriage Index Book Three – E


Groom Bride Date Verified by
EADES, Willard C. BESAW, Helen 14 Dec 1934 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
EARLE, Howard GORSUCH, Grace 28 Nov 1945 HUBER, Louis V. MG
EASLEY, Fred J. MATHEW, Yvonne 17 Dec 1943 VINZ, Arthur A. MG
EAST, Dennis CORNWELL, Mary Margaret 16 Oct 1935 FARRILL, H. S. MG
EAST, Parker L. VANAUSDOLL, Ruby F. 22 Oct 1922 DEL CANTO, R. Francis MG
EASTER, Thomas L. DORKS, Margaret L. 3 Nov 1927 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
EASTHAM, A. L. ELLIOTT, Elsie 26 Jul 1928 GAITHER, William MG
EBERHARDT, William KLEFFNER, Mary 7 Nov 1925 GRAMKE, John H. CP
EBKER, Daniel W. SCHROEDER, Sophia 17 Oct 1925 THATCHER, A. JP
ECKLES, Melvin H. STALLARD, Gertrude J. 22 Aug 1933 LILLARD, John T. MG
EDDINGTON, Isaac M. BLUMSTEIN, Myrtle I. 30 Nov 1945 FOLTZ, M. C. MG
EDLEN, Lucien L. PILE, Mary Ellen 22 Jun 1929 BOCKSTRUCK, Robert MG
EDWARDS, Daniel O. HARDWICK, Blanche 19 Sep 1917 SUMNER, W. T. Co. Judge
EDWARDS, Jesse B. BELCHOR, Charlota D. 19 Sep 1936 STEINKRAUS, W. A. MG
EDWARDS, Oran L. REYNOLDS, Mollie J. 27 Jul 1933 DAWDY, Claude C. MG
EDWARDS, Robert W. COTTINGHAM, Virginia M. 4 Jul 1932 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
EFTINK, George J. WETSTEIN, Lena 24 Nov 1925 GRAMKE, John H. CP
EGELHOFF, Henry F. HUTCHINSON, Dorothy E. 27 Aug 1932 DAWDY, Claude C. MG
EGELHOFF, Leo GROTHAUS, Pauline 20 Jul 1940 CLANCY, John J. CP
EIPPERT, G. D. WORLEY, Velma MRS. 17 Jun 1933 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
ELDER, Oscar M. ADERTON, Jennie 3 Aug 1944 MAXTON, David Bruce MG
ELLEDGE, Orland F. CRADER, Viola C. 12 Jun 1937 ROADY, T. J. MG
ELLIOTT, Clarence Lewis METCALFE, Iola J. 29 Mar 1920 JENKINS, Joseph MG
ELLIOTT, John PARISH, Mildred 14 Apr 1932 CARSON, Augustus B. MG
ELLIOTT, John W. WUST, Clara Josephine 12 Jun 1920 WILSON, F. O. MG
ELLIOTT, Milford LYONS, Daisy M. 26 Jul 1922 GOODSELL, Wm. Manor MG
ELLIOTT, Monroe M. SMITH, Eula Fern 19 Mar 1919 JENKINS, Joseph MG
ELLIS, Thomas H. HOUSEMAN, Alice M. 10 Oct 1925 JENKINS, Joseph MG
ELLISON, R. Major LIKES, Grace E. 27 Nov 1936 BLOOMER, John JP
ELMORE, Earl RUSSELL, Edna 19 Jan 1935 BLOOMER, John JP
ELMORE, John M. RENO, Leah Vesta 28 Sep 1919 WILSON, F. O. MG
EMMONS, Charles EMMONS, Sarah 5 Aug 1926 BERTMAN, Fred J. JP
EMMONS, Clarence ZIMMER, Edith MRS. 14 Apr 1932 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
ENGEL, Harold E. MCADAMS, Almeda Fay 20 Apr 1922 PORTER, L. W. MG
ENGLAND, Benjamin C. LONG, Minerva 15 Nov 1922 CLANCY, John J. CP
ENGLE, John E. JOHNSON, Dillie D. 27 Sep 1917 JENKINS, Joseph MG
ENLOE, Ochie RECTOR, Margaret E. 26 May 1928 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
ENNIS, Herbert E. PRESLEY, Clara B. 1 Jun 1932 BLOOMER, John JP
ENNIS, Thomas K. CLANNEY, Evelyn M. 22 Aug 1936 GLOTFELTY, Philip R. MG
EPPLE, Gerald A. WILLIS, Helen M. 27 Feb 1926 ROADY, T. J. MG
ERDELEN, John F. GAVIN, Margaret 1 Jun 1927 JORDAN, J. P. CP
ERICKSON, John D. FREDETTE, Roberta E. 15 Sep 1944 KEMPER, Robert C. MG
ERWIN, Charles B. THORP, J. Freda 7 Aug 1936 STEINKRAUS, W. A. MG
ERWIN, Darwood V. GHENT, Virginia 22 Apr 1944 SHEEHY, Michael CP
ERWIN, James L. NARUP, Irene M. 26 May 1945 HEINEN, P. P. CP
ERWIN, Lawrence John Jr. GERSON, Ruth Virginia 7 Jun 1942 TODD, Leonard F. MG
ERWIN, Paul Charles HORN, Florence 22 Aug 1942 HORN, Cornelius CP
ERWIN, Walter L. LA MARSH, Myrtle 26 Aug 1922 VAN PELT, W. S. JP
ERXLELEIN, John O. GAVIN, Mary J. 18 Dec 1934 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
ESTES, W. L. ROOP, Mary G. 22 Jan 1936 HANBAUM, W. L. MG
EVANS, Emlyn CADWELL, Marie G. 9 Feb 1935 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
EVANS, John H. TERRY, Versa M. 15 May 1930 CARSON, Augustus B. MG
EVANS, Robert I. FIELDS, Edith 13 Jul 1945 MAXTON, David B. MG
EVANS, Sam DANIELS, Lauretta 19 May 1930 BLOOMER, John JP
EVANS, Samuel W. REDD, Katie E. 8 Jan 1926 BERTMAN, Fred J. JP
EVANS, Ward SCHAAF, Alberta 8 Dec 1945 HOWELL, Fred W. CJ
EVERETTS, Roscoe L. BAILEY, Mary Ellen 2 Nov 1930 JENKINS, Joseph MG
EVERING, George W. GILBERT, Flossie M. 23 Nov 1927 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
EWIN, Paul MOORE, Muriel 27 Jan 1917 JENKINS, Joseph MG
EWING, Earl WEASON, Martha A. MRS. 21 Mar 1931 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
EWING, Earl JONES, Burley Mae 20 Jul 1935 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
EWING, James A. TUCKER, Ora C. 27 Dec 1921 JENKINS, Joseph MG
EWING, John KROHN, Elizabeth 3 Aug 1929 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
EYLER, Charles R. FOREE, Alla J. 1 Jan 1925 BARBER, Roy W. MG
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